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Technical Services Units:

Italian Literature

For Works by or about more than one author:

Collections in more than one form 850.8
Criticism, history, and interpretation of more than one form 850.9


Collections of Romanian literature 858.08
Criticisms of Romanian literature 858.09

For Works by or about more than one author in Specific forms:

Collections of Poetry 850.81
Criticism and Interpretation of Poetry 850.91
Collections of Drama 850.82
Criticism and Interpretation of Drama 850.92
Collections of Fiction 850.83
Criticism and Interpretation of Fiction 850.93

For example:

The Genius of the Italian Theater
by Eric Bentley
La Poesia Populare Italiana
by A. Ancona

For Works by or about an individual author
, the citation order is to first class together all the works by or about an author, then secondly to subdivide by the Book Number Scheme. The first component of the call number is accomplished using an abbreviated or modified Dewey class number and an author cutter number. This is followed by the locally devised UIUC book number:

Individual Authors
Early period to 1375 851
Classical learning, 1375-1492 852
1492-1585 853
1585-1814 854
1814-1940/50 855
Contemporary authors not already established in the UIUC catalog, 1940/50- 855.1
Works in and/or about Italian dialects 856
Sardinian 857
Romanian (including Wallachian) 858
Rumansh, Rhastian, Rhaeto-Romanic, Moldavian 859

Book Number Scheme for Individual Authors

  1. about the author

    A Bibliography
    B Biography
    C Correspondence
    D Critical works (Higher criticism)
    E Critical works (Minor & textual)
    F Concordances
    G Lexicons

  2. by the author


    I Collected or complete works
    J Collected or complete works in translation
    K Selections & fragments (include prose of a noted poet & vice versa) in the original
    L Selections & fragments (include prose of a noted poet & vice versa) in translation
    O Individual works, arranged alphabetically

    Under I-L arrange by editor, or translator, or, failing these, by date.

    Under I-L, add a work mark to the call number for a second title, with the same editor.

    Under O keep editions of the same work separate by date

For example:

Memorie della mia Vita di Giacomo Leopardi 855L55
La Personalita e la Poesia di Cecco Angiolieri (criticism by M) 85lAn4
La Divina Commedia [by] Dante Alighieri 851D23