Other Resources

  • Data Services from the UIUC Library LEARN, provided by librarians with a wide range of expertise will be available to help you locate relevant data sets in opinion polls, election studies, social surveys, census, education, and health data and prepare them for analysis in SPSS, SAS, STATA and ArcGIS.
  • PapersInvited  is a searchable database of calls for papers, posters and publications from professional bodies, universities, journal editors and other conference organizers. It is particularly rich in announcements of scientific meetings.  See Central Reference's PapersInvited page for how to see up and personalize your account, how to search, and how to use features.
  • Latin Resources:
  • Pronunciation of Biological Latin  Provides identified rules that describe the traditional English pronunciation, including taxonomic names of plants and animals.



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Kelli Trei
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