Journal Abbreviation and Acronym Tools

Each word in the title abbreviation is capitalized.
All punctuation is removed, except for parentheses used when a qualifier is supplied.
All diacritics are removed.
Qualifying elements which refer to format, such as (Print) or (Online) are omitted.
NLM establishes title abbreviations based on the rules outlined in Information and Documentation, Rules for the Abbreviation of Title Words and Titles of Publications (ISO 4, 3rd ed. 1997) and American National Standard for Information Sciences, Abbreviation of Titles for Publications (ANSI Z39.5--1985).  Where the ISO standard instructions conflict with the ANSI standard,  NLM generally prefers the ANSI standard, despite the fact that this is no longer a current U.S. standard.  In some instances, NLM's rules for title abbreviations differ from both existing standards."


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