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Biology Library Circulation policies:   A University ID (I-Card) must be presented to charge out all materials.  Your Borrower Identification Number is the 14-digit number above the barcode on your I-card.  This number begins with 200111.....  for all UIUC faculty, staff, and students.  If you are a UIUC affiliate and your ID does not have a barcode, you will need to go to the Central Circulation Desk at the Main Library to get a barcoded library card.




Special Instructions



Series cataloged as

     individual title

CD-ROMS in CD-ROM cabinet

Microforms (MF) [Note – no reader/printer in this library]


§          Non-library staff and undergraduates = 4 weeks

§          Graduate students, faculty, and library staff = 16 weeks



UIUC students, staff, and faculty may in most routine cases renew books up to 10 times before returning them to the library.  There are exceptions to every rule, for instance local departmental library policies such as Education and Social Science Library and other collections.



§          Two hours, OR

§          One hour before closing, due one hour after opening next day


Exceptions: Those that are labeled “Room Use Only” cannot leave the library.


Note 1: Fines for overdue reserves mount quickly (see Fines, below).


Note 2:  To place items on reserve for a class you are teaching, see our reserve instructions.


Overdue fines = $2.00 per hour

Unbound Journals

Reference Books


§          Two hours for photocopying


NoteCheckout of Reference Books is Mon – Fri  with Reference person’s approval.  No Reference  person = no checkout


    Manual checkout – fill out pink card from round table in front of Circulation Desk, and present at Circulation Desk with I-card


Overdue fines = $2.00 per hour

Bound Journals

Series cataloged as sets


Bibliographies (biblios)  

Videos (Bottom drawer of CD-ROM cabinet)

§         3 days

     Note: Special exceptions for a longer borrowing period can be made at the discretion of the full-time   library staff. Fines for overdue serials mount quickly, and all patrons, including faculty, are charged for overdue serials (see Fines, below).



Overdue fines = $2.00 per hour

Rare Books          


Library Use only - Can’t leave library.  Ask a staff member to page any volumes needed.

Rare Books available 8:30 am – 5 pm,   Mon – Fri  only

    Manual checkout – fill out pink card from round table in front of Circulation Desk, and present at Circulation Desk with I-card



CD-ROMs at Circ Desk                                 

Library Use only - Can’t leave library



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Fines:   Everyone, including faculty, is fined $25.00 for overdue recalls. Overdue serials and reserves are billed at $2.00 for each hour overdue per item. Everyone is fined for overdue serials and reserves, including faculty and graduate students. When an item is assumed lost (34 days overdue) patrons are charged a nonrefundable fee of $10.00, plus a minimum of $125.00 per book and $300.00 per journal volume lost (faculty are exempt from the nonrefundable portion of this fine).  Each individual is responsible for monitoring his or her own library materials, which can be done from ILLINET Online by clicking on "My Account" and logging in with your 14-digit Borrower Identification Number (above the bar code on your I-card).  See the University Library Central Circulation and Bookstacks Department Circulation Policies  for more information on Overdue Notices, Fines, and Billing.


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Food / drink:  No food is allowed in the Biology Library.  Drinks in screw-top spill-proof containers are OK.  Since Burrill Hall contains many live experimental organisms, we cannot spray for pests.  Your cooperation in not leaving food for pests is greatly appreciated.


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Public computer terminals:   Public computer terminals in the Biology Library are for library and university business only.  Terminals do not have applications such as MS Word, Access, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.  Terminals  are to be used for library research (i.e., locating and accessing information resources), and not e-mail.   If your computing needs include e-mail, word-processing or other non-research activities, facilities are available at Campus Information Technologies & Educational Services (CITES) sites across campus.  Please also see CITES Information Technology Policies and Campus Administrative Manual Policy on Appropriate Use of Computers and Network Systems at UIUC .


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Posting signs:  Due to lack of space in the Biology Library, all notices, posters, and other material must be approved by Diane Schmidt, the Biology Librarian.  Only notices related to library activities or programs directly related to the educational and research mission of the School of Integrative Biology and the School of Molecular and Cellular Biology will be posted in the library.  For approval please contact Diane Schmidt by e-mail at .


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Study Carrels:   Individual study cubicles (carrels) are assigned to people on an academic year basis. Priority is given to graduate students and faculty of the School of Life Sciences.  Some carrels are available for general use, and these are not locked.  None of the carrels have network connections.  Contact the Biology Librarian for an assigned carrel, which are given out only at the beginning of the fall semester.


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Other:  Please see  UIUC Library Use and Patron Policies, for campus library policies relating to:

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