Closing FAQ

Biology Library closing information:

What about the other libraries near Burrill Hall?

The Geology Library closed in the summer of 2010. The Chemistry Library in Noyes Lab, the Mathematics Library in Altgeld Hall, and the Library of the Health Sciences in the Medical Sciences Building will remain open.

What will happen to the Biology Library’s books and journals?

The Biology collection is permanently housed at the Funk ACES Library.  Most of our journals, and an increasing number of books, are available electronically so you can access them anywhere.

Will I still be able to get books and journals sent to my office?

Graduate students and faculty will still be able to get volumes sent to their offices by using the UIUC Campus Mail option in the online catalog. However, you will not be able to return books to the old Biology Library location after the summer of 2011. The Chemistry and Mathematics libraries will be the closest locations for picking up or returning books.

What will happen to the Biology Library space?

The School of Integrative Biology and the School of Molecular and Cellular Biology are still finalizing plans for the space, but in general the former Biology Library space will be used for the advising offices, computer labs, and student work spaces. Stay tuned for more information.

What study space will be available after the Biology Library closes?

There will probably be study space incorporated in to the plans for the Biology Library space. In addition, the Chemistry, and Mathematics libraries are available. The Grainger Engineering Library and the Undergraduate Library are open 24/5 and the Funk ACES Library is open until 3AM Sunday through Thursday.

After the Biology Library closes, where can I put textbooks on reserve for my Biology classes?

There are a few options for you. First, you can put your material on reserve at the Funk ACES Library, where the Biology materials are currently housed. Secondly, we can put items on temporary reserve at other library locations, e.g. Chemistry, Grainger or the Undergraduate Library. Contact the Biosciences Librarian for assistance in submitting a reserve request. Choose the option that you think is better for you and your students.

If I want the library to buy a book or journal after the Biology Library closes, who should I contact?

This doesn't change. Contact the Biosciences Librarian, Kelli Trei. We still have as much money to buy books and journals as ever.

Please contact Kelli Trei at or (217) 244-2503 with questions or comments, or to schedule an appointment.


Contact the Biosciences Librarian:
Kelli Trei
(217) 244-2503