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Using the Biological Literature Web Resources

Using the Biological Literature Web Resources

The Web pages listed on this site are taken from the fourth edition of Using the Biological Literature: A Practical Guide, by Diane Schmidt (CRC Press, 2014). This annotated guide to the literature of the biological sciences covers over 3,000 major books, journals, and Web sites of interest to biologists and biologists-in-training. It is divided into the chapters listed below.

The fourth edition of the guide includes numerous Web sites. These were chosen on the basis of their importance and presumed stability. Of course Web sites change frequently, so the author has extracted all of the Web resources listed in the book and presents them here. This site will be kept up to date, with annotations changing as sites change their focus or their URLs. New sites will not be added so that this Web site is kept in sync with the print book.

To see a list of important resources for biologists, click on the links below.