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Library Security Service

The Library Security Department’s first priority is to maintain a safe and secure environment for all library staff--faculty, graduate students, support staff, and students--as well as for all library patrons, keeping in mind the Library’s goal of access for all and equal treatment of all.

We would like you to call the Library Security Service and/or Campus Police anytime you feel uneasy about any situation or person with whom you come in contact. People who are usually going to cause trouble stand out, act differently, or just make you nervous. Most times the mere presence of a Library Security Service Officer can defuse a situation before it really begins. Library Security Service Officers would rather get 100 false calls than just one that was called in after a situation has gotten out of hand. Please make everyone’s job easier by calling at the first sign of discomfort.

In case of Emergency:

First, call 911

Next, call the Library Security Service -  217-333-1216 (available during most open hours)

(The Library Security Service advises that if you feel at all threatened that you can always call 911 and then Library Security at 217-333-1216)

Facility Emergency (Day 8 am-5pm, M-F):

Library Facilities: 217-333-0317

Facility Emergency (Night):

Facilities & Services 217-333-0340, then dial 0 for Campus Police Dispatch

A message should include:

Phone numbers

Campus Police

Emergency - 911

Non-Emergency - 217-333-1216

Library Security Service

Available during most open hours

Call 217-333-1216

Library Security Service Personnel

Name Title Email Phone Office Location
Ryan Johnson Security Coordinator 217-333-1216
Brett Byrd Security Guard Supervisor   217-333-1216 Main Library - 450S
Riccardo Bell Lead Security Guard 217-333-1216 Main Library - 450S
Michael Haley Security Guard 217-333-1216 Main Library - 450S
Ben Mingo Security Guard 217-333-1216 Main Library - 450S
Jeff Bohlmann    Security Guard 217-333-1216 Main Library - 450S