Collection Development Committee

Committee Charge

The Collection Development Committee (CDC) is the primary group for deliberations on Library collection policies and advises the AUL for Collections. All issues pertaining to the collection, including the materials budget and funding, purchasing and withdrawal procedures, preservation, and matters pertaining to the acquisition of and access to all forms of information are considered by the CDC.

Committee Composition

The Committee is chaired by the AUL for Collections. Membership includes representatives elected from within the following eight divisions: Humanities, Social Sciences, Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Area Studies, Special Collections, Law, and Central Public Services. The representative from the Technical Services Division is the Acquisitions Librarian. The following persons also are members: Library Business Office Manager, AUL for Budget and Planning, Electronic Resources Librarian, Preservation Librarian, Undergraduate Librarian, and Head of Access Services. Elected members serve two year staggered terms.

In addition, to broaden the knowledge base about the work of collection development, two non-voting interns selected from among tenure-track faculty are chosen for one-year appointments. Intern positions are advertised annually, and appointment is made by the chair of the CDC.

Committee Members


CDC typically meets once a month on the 4th Tuesday, from 3:00-4:30pm in Room 428 of the Main Library. Holidays and other events may require rescheduling or canceling.

Committee Agendas, Minutes, and Notes

Fiscal Year 2017

Meeting Agenda Minutes Notes/Attachments
July 6, 2016 Available N/A
August 23, 2016 Available Available Available
September 27, 2016 Available Available Available
October 25, 2016 Available Available Available
November 22, 2016 Available Available Available
December 20, 2016 Available Available
January 24, 2017 Available Available
February 28, 2017 N/A Available
March 28, 2017 Available Available
April 28, 2017 Available See Notes Available
May 31, 2017 Available

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