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Find a Specific Database or Journal

Try using the Easy Search option on the Main Library's homepage to search for the title of the resource you want.If the library has it, there will likely be a direct link to it at the very top of the results page.

You can also search for databases and journals using the Online Journals & Databases tool. Simply type the title you are looking for into the search box here and choose the correct title from the results list. 

If you'd like to browse by topic, try searching Databases by Subject.

At times, you may need to access a database or journal instead of a specific article. The best use of a general database is when you want to search broadly across a discipline. You might simply need to browse for information on a topic or explore existing research. Fortunately, there are two different library tools that will allow you to access a database or journal that the library owns.

Easy Search

  1. From the Main Library Gateway, type the name of the resource you are looking for into the search box. You have probably heard a librarian mention the name of a specific database to you, or you may have learned about one of our many resources from our LibGuides. If you are unsure which databases cover your subject area, please Ask a Librarian


  2. On the results page, there should be a link at the top of the page saying "Direct link to: (name of database)." This link will take you straight to the publication.

    If your search was for a newspaper or journal title, there might instead be a similar link that reads "Your search (name of database) matched a journal/magazine title." Clicking on this will take you to the Online Journals & Databases tool where you can browse titles similar to the one you searched.


    You can also skip straight to the Online Journals & Databases tool from the Main Library's homepage. This is useful if Easy Search does not return a direct link to a resource and you know you will have to go through the tool anyway.

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  3. If you were redirected here from Easy Search, you will see a list of titles with keywords that match those you typed in.

    If you came straight to this tool from the main page, type the title of the resource you are looking for into the search box.


  4. Scroll through the results page containing similar titles until you locate the correct one. Click on its title or, if it is a journal, a link to one of the databases that provides it. 

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  6. You will have to go through a Discover pop-up window after this - simply click "Go" to continue to the publication.

  7. Once there, feel free to browse or search using the tools available in that particular resource.

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