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How do I use CitationLinker?

Quick Help

Go to the CitationLinker and fill in as much citation information as you can.

Choose the correct journal title from the results list. 

Click "Go" next to the version of the journal you would like to view. This should take you to the correct article.

The CitationLinker is a tool that allows you to search for a specific journal article. It is embedded in the Online Journals & Databases tool.

Searching for articles with a citation

  1. To locate a given article, fill in as much citation information as you have for that article. Note that the CitationLinker allows you to include the article title in your search, unlike the Journal and Article Locator. This makes the tool particularly handy if you only have the article title and one or two other pieces of information. If this tool does not work for you, try using Google Scholar.


  2. As an example, we are going to search for the 2011 article "Constructing identities through 'discourse': Stance and interaction in collaborative college writing" published in Linguistics and Education by A. R. Olinger.

    filled in citelinker

  3. The results of this search are three records of journal titles that are similar to the one entered above. Notice that unlike the Journal and Article Locator, this tool does not take you directly to the cited article. Instead you must click on the title of the correct journal.

    citelinker results

  4. This will take you to a Discover screen that links you to the databases where full texts of this journal are available, any relevant library catalog holdings, and Google results. To view the online full text in this example search, click on the "Go" button next to the Elsevier ScienceDirect Complete link.


  5. This will take you to the correct article. Many databases offer you the ability to download pdf copies of an article, print it, save it, email it to yourself, search for similar articles, and more. Be sure to explore this database to find all of these options.

    found article