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Library Video Network

Lightning LEARN

These 2-3 minute video tutorials will help you to learn how to use the basic tools of the library.

Find Library Materials

**New - Find an Article with a Citation

When you have a citation, the pieces will lead you to your source.

**New - Finding an Article Without a Citation 

When you don't have all the pieces of a citation, a little detective work comes into play.

**New - Search by Topic, Part 1

Illinois subscribes to thousands of resources, we can help you navigate!

**New - Search by Topic, Part 2

Get exactly what you need for your research, with a little help from this quick video.

Easy Search: Illinois Library Homepage

The new Easy Search function allows you to search across library applications.

Book Search: Illinois Library Homepage

Learn how to find books using the Easy Search. 

Quick Search in Library Catalog: Search for Known Titles or Authors

Learn how to find items in the online library catalog using the quick search option.

Advanced Search in Library Catalog: Search by Subject

Learn how to perform an advanced search in the library catalog.

Find a Book that is Unavailable at Illinois

What do you do when the item you are looking for is already checked out or is not available at the University Library? 

Find Journals by Title

Already know your journal title? Learn how to find your journal. 

Find Journal Articles by Topic

Unsure of where to start? Learn how to begin your research using academic journals.

Accessing eBooks

Are you interested in reading books online? The University Library subscribes to an increasing amount of eBooks. Self-paced tutorial.

Find Videos and Games at the Library

Are you interested in finding a film to watch? How about playing some video games?


Library Services

Electronic Thesis and Dissertations

Provides a step-by-step process for submitting your theses electronically. See requirements at: http://grad.illinois.edu/thesis

  • Flash Version (you can turn off the captioning by clicking on the CC on the menu bar at the bottom)
  • Quick Time Version (for higher quality, but the captioning can't be turned off

How to save your thesis in a PDF document

Convert your Word document to a PDF document for EDT submission. All of the University Library's public access computers will be able to perform this function.

What is Interlibrary Loan? And When Would I Use It?

Unfamiliar with Interlibrary Loan? Learn how it fits into your research!

Interlibrary Loan: How to Order a Photocopy

Is your journal article "At the Bindery"? Is your article unavailable online and in print? How to find an article that is not available at the University Library.

Interlibrary Loan: How to Borrow Books and Other Materials

Follow the steps on how to order items from Interlibrary Loan.

IDEALS: How to Deposit Items

The Library brings you IDEALS, the institutional repository that collects and provides consistent and reliable access to the research and scholarship produced at the University of Illinois. Learn how to deposit your publications today!

Course Reserves: Illinois Library Homepage

Find your course reserves!

Call Numbers, Cell Phones and You!

Describes the "text me this call number" feature in the Library catalog.


Getting Help

Navigating the Library Gateway

The University Library's homepage is your gateway to library resources and services. Self-paced tutorial.

Main Stacks at the University of Illinois Library

With 6 million volumes spread across 10 decks, here's the guide for you to help to navigate the Main Stacks.

Video Tour of the Library Bookstacks

A four part video introducing faculty, staff and students to the Illinois Library bookstacks.

Part 1: Access to the Stacks

Part 2: Undergraduate Access

Part 3: Navigating the Stacks

Part 4: Operating the Compact  Shelving

Using Your Library Account

Did you know that you can manage your library account online? 

Ask a Librarian: Let Us Come to You!

The Ask a Librarian service provide virtual reference.

Help from a Distance: What to Do, Who to Contact

Are you taking online classes and accessing the library remotely? Learn how to get research helps and navigate technology problems.

>>Videos are available on our YouTube channel, uiuclearnlib.


Research Tutorials  

These 3-4 minute video tutorials are meant to get you started with the research process.

Using the Library

Streamline your research! An overview of the University of Illinois Library system, take a virtual tour of the library and learn about how the library is organized.  

Starting Your Research  

Tools to start your research including basic resources to find background information and the Library's Easy Search.

Cite a Source: How and Why You Should Do It

Review types of citations and citation styles, how to organize your citations and where to go for help.

Primary Sources: Types of sources and where to find them

Types of historical primary sources, including where to find and analyze them.

Secondary Sources: Types of sources and where to find them

Types of historical secondary sources, including where to find them.

Current Awareness: Using RSS Feeds to Keep up With Publications in your Field

Keep current! You'll find tips for using and choosing RSS feed readers and creating search alerts. 


The University Library's Virtual Information Literacy Learning and Growing Environment

Global News: You'll discover how to use the library to find and critically analyze news articles from sources beyond the major US media companies.

Primary Source: You’ll learn to understand the value and uses of primary sources and how to find them in the Illinois Archives.


Database Tutorials

Every database interface is different - save yourself time by getting familiar with these video and print tutorials.


Videos: Introduction to ABI/Inform | Searching in ABI/Inform | Viewing Results in ABI/Inform


Videos: How to search in ERIC


Videos: Products: Introduction | Special Topics and Themes | Statistics of the Week: Statistical Overview | Publications: Searching Strategies 


Videos: Searching and retrieving information


Videos: Introduction to the Roper Center Datasets | Using the Ipoll Databank | Searching RoperExpress for the OnLine Catalog of Studies 


Using Library Tools 


Videos: Create an Account | Creating Folders | Creating a Bibliography  |  Write N Cite

Citation Import Instructions: Importing Citations from CSA | Importing Citations from Academic Search Premier | Importing Citations from the Library Catalog

LEARN More About the Library

Journey of the Book

Learn about the process our materials go through from ordering to the shelf.

Information Cycle

The Information Cycle is the progression of media coverage of a newsworthy event. It will help you to better know what is available on your topic and to better evaluate information sources.

Video tour of the Undergraduate Library

Midwest Book and Manuscript Studies Exhibit

Highlights an exhibit held at the University of Illinois. 

Mandeville Collection in the Occult Sciences Exhibit

Highlights an exhibit held at the University of Illinois.

S-Collection in the Education and Social Science Library

Introduces the second largest children's book collection in the nation.

Education Research Tutorial

The following tutorials have been developed to assist with the research process.