PaperCut Refunds

  1. Do you see this window on your screen? (Look in the upper right corner.)

    papercut image 1

  2. Click the arrow in the bottom right corner of your screen. This should pop up a small window with more icons.

    PaperCut Image 2

  3. Click on the green P to make the Papercut window appear.

    PaperCut Image 3

  4. Click “Details” in the bottom right corner of you Papercut window. This will lead you to Papercut’s login screen.

    PaperCut Image 4

  5. Login with your NetID username and password. This will take you to the Recent Print Jobs page.

    papercut login_1

  6. On the far right, click on “Request Refund” under the “Status” column. This will take you to the Refund Request Form.

    PaperCut Refund image 5

  7. Fill out the Refund Details. It is important that you type select an amount of money and type a valid reason for your refund.

    PaperCut Image 6

  8. Click Send when you are finished. This will submit your request.

    PaperCut Image 7

  9. You should now see “Refund Pending” underneath the Status column, letting you know that your refund request has successfully sent.

    PaperCut Image 8