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Borrowing Policies and FAQs

This page will help answer questions about the Interlibrary Borrowing process.
The Borrowing Office serves library users affiliated with the University of Illinois.
128 Library, 1408 West Gregory Drive, Urbana, IL 61801
Phone (217) 333-0832; Fax (217) 244-0398;
Email: borrowing@library.illinois.edu

Borrowing Office Policies and FAQs

Having trouble logging in?

To place a request online using the Interlibrary Borrowing web pages (called ILLiad) you'll need your NetID and password. Your NetID is located on your I-CARD.
For faculty, your password was given to you when you obtained your I-CARD.
If you have forgotten your password or need assistance click here CITES Password Assistance

If you need immediate help or have questions about using the online system, please call the Borrowing Office at (217) 333-0832 or visit the Information Desk located on the second floor of the Main Library for assistance.

My address and contact information is wrong.

When you login your personal information is pulled from one of two sources. If you are staff or faculty, the information is pulled from payroll and you can update your information through NESSIE. If you are a student, this information comes from the ID Center. If your address, phone, or email is wrong in the ILLiad system you will need to update it in NESSIE or through the ID Center.

The ID Center is located on the first floor of the Illini Union Bookstore; Phone: (217) 244-0135; Email:  idcenter@illinois.edu

How long will it take to receive my material?

Loans take an average of 2 to 3 weeks to arrive.
Photocopied Materials take an average of 3 days to arrive.
Give yourself plenty of time when requesting any material through the Interlibrary Borrowing service. Our peak times of activity are October/November and March/April. We make every effort to place your requests as soon as they are received. Once your request is ordered by the Interlibrary Borrowing staff, it is up to the lending library to supply the material. You may ask for a status of your request at any time, but please give the material a reasonable amount of time to be requested, shipped, and processed.

How can I get my materials faster?

There are several things that you can do to speed up the delivery time of your request. First, educate yourself with the University of Illinois Library system and how to search the catalog. Become familiar with the online databases, electronic journals, and items that are available in full text. If you need help, Please ASK! We want you to get the materials you need in a timely manner, but we need your help too.

FIRST check the University of Illinois Online Library Catalog.
The University Library owns over 13 million volumes, so look here first for the material you need.

SECOND if the book you want is not in the University of Illinois Online Library Catalog, check for holdings in the I-Share Catalog. I-Share is a group of 75+ libraries in Illinois. If the item is owned by one of these other 75+ CARLI institutions, you can place a request for the item yourself. Click the following link for tutorials and information on how to use the request function of I-Share. Look under "LEARN TO USE THE LIBRARY" I-Share Tutorial

THIRD IF you have not been able to find materials in either of these catalogs listed above, place an Interlibrary Loan request using the online forms.

I prefer not to use documents in .pdf format. What are my options?

The Interlibrary Borrowing Office receives material in various formats which we cannot directly control. HOWEVER, if you will let us know that you prefer to receive your documents in print instead of electronically, we will be happy to honor your request. We have set up various special arrangements with students, staff, and faculty for a variety of reasons so that they may receive their materials in a manner that is easiest for them to use. Just contact us!

How does the UIUC DocExpress Service work?

UIUC DocExpress is a service to have materials owned by the University of Illinois at Urbana Libraries copied for your research use for a fee. Faculty and staff pay $3.00 per citation and students pay $5.00 per citation. You must contact us with your account information for payment after you place your request. Most materials are available in 2 business days, however microfilm and microfiche formats will take longer. This service requires that you provide us with the call number and location of the materials that you need photocopied. Login to the UIUC DocExpress pages to learn more or place your photocopy request for materials here on campus.

How does the RUSH Service work?

RUSH Service is available for photocopied items at a charge of $15 per citation. This fee may be paid by VISA ®, Master Card ®, a personal check, or departmental account. RUSH material arrives within 72 hours unless there is difficulty in obtaining the item. If the borrowing office is unable to fill your request within the allotted time, you will not be charged the RUSH fee and every effort is made to continue to obtain the item.

How do the Digital Dissertations and the Dissertation Express Service work?

Digital Dissertations are now available online for UIUC affiliated library users through ProQuest Digital Dissertations. Most titles from 1997 to the present are available electronically. Please ask the Library Information Desk for assistance using this online service if you experience difficulty.
Due to this new service, Dissertation Express requests will be limited to 5 titles per patron per year. Titles published after 1997 should be used electronically, however if electronic access is not available for these titles then these items will not count against the total 5 per year per patron ordered through the Dissertation Express Service. Please contact the Borrowing Office if you have questions.

Dissertation Express is available at a charge of $15 per dissertation. This fee pays for the shipping of the material and the University Library pays for the cost of the item. This fee may be paid by VISA ®, Master Card ®, a personal check, or departmental account. Dissertation Express orders usually arrive within 4 to 5 business days unless there is difficulty in obtaining the item. If the Borrowing Office is unable to fill your request, you will not be charged the fee. Only domestic dissertations are available from our express supplier. Foreign dissertations can be obtained through a regular request. These items circulate for 30 days with renewals for up to a year.

How will I know when my material arrives?

Notification for the arrival of loans is through your NetID@illinois.edu email account and can be picked up at the Central Circulation Desk located on the second floor of the Main Library. You will need to sign for the material at the time of pickup and show a valid I-Card.

Photocopied materials are usually sent to us electronically. We transfer the article to a web server and send you an email notice with instructions to retrieve your document. Photocopies that are shipped to us in the mail will be sent to the address indicated on the contact information section of the web order form.

What will this service cost me?

Fees are not passed on to users for ILL requests for research materials unless you choose to use the RUSH service or request a dissertation using the Dissertation Express service. In both cases, additional paper work must be filled out at the Borrowing Office to be sure that these fees are approved by the requester before we incur them.

The maximum amount that the Interlibrary Borrowing Office will spend on one citation is $35.00. If the item you need exceeds that amount, we will provide you with a referral for where the material can be viewed or purchased.

Circulation Policies

Materials normally circulate for 21 days and renewals are not granted. However, there are a few exceptions.  Media types of materials usually circulate for two weeks. Materials lent from the Center for Research Libraries (CRL) and dissertations obtained through the Dissertation Express service circulate for 30 days at a time and can be renewed for periods up to one year.

Library User Responsibilities

Materials should be returned on or before the due date to Central Circulation Desk located on the second floor of the Main Library. Failure to return materials can result in all of your UIUC library privileges being blocked until you return the items. Refusing to return materials places the University of Illinois' borrowing privileges in jeopardy with other libraries, preventing the ILL office from obtaining material for other UIUC library users. 

Since the material is owned by other libraries, it is subject to recall at any time and should be returned to the Borrowing Office immediately, regardless of the original due date. If the material is recalled, the user will be contacted by the Borrowing Office and informed of the situation.  Additionally, certain restrictions such as "In Library Use Only" or "No Photocopying" may be placed on the material by the owning library.

ILL services and privileges are extended to faculty, students, and staff who are currently affiliated with the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. One or more of these privileges may be reviewed, amended, suspended, or revoked, based on the patron's record and management of Library materials.  Please place requests for materials that are needed for research purposes and not for personal use.  Each ILL request costs up to $35 per transaction with additional costs for staff time and fees for shipping and handling of the materials.  Your local public library is the best source for personal use materials.  Please help us be good stewards of the limited resources the University Library has for Interlibrary Loan services.

"High Demand Title" Borrowing

There are several types of material that are not generally available for Interlibrary Loan. These "high demand titles" include:Textbooks, Computer Manuals, multi-media materials, and most titles that would be considered personal use items. These types of titles are often non-circulating, in use due to popularity, or on reserve at potential lending libraries and therefore are very difficult to obtain. These item types typically circulate for short time periods and are subject to recall. Users should not rely on Interlibrary loans for their textbook reading, for extended access to manuals, or for their personal interest materials. Exceptions are made for extenuating circumstances and are reviewed by the Head of Central Access Services or the Borrowing Office Supervisor.  Please contact us for assistance.

Patrons Not Eligible for ILL Borrowing Services

There are several patron classifications which are not eligible for ILL Borrowing Services.  Some, but not all, of these classifications are: University retirees; Circulation Courtesy Card holders with  LL or LH status, and patrons who are restricted to using the UIUC Library materials on site (BUO, Building Use Only).  Patrons affiliated with the OLLI program will need to use ILL services offered by their local public library.

Embargoed materials can be ordered

Most journal articles which are under an embargo and unavailable through an electronic database may be ordered through Interlibrary Borrowing services.


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