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Suggestions for new books, serials, films, and all other information resources are welcome and may be forwarded to: Mara L. Thacker, the South Asian Studies Librarian, at

Photo Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

Bodhi Ajanta: Anonymous

Plucked string instruments: Soinuenea

Qutb Minar: Steve Evans

Taj Mahal: Anonymous

Surrender of Kandahar: Abdul Hamid Lahori

Khajuraho Temple Detail: Arnold Betten

Hampi: Adam Jones

Stone carvings in Lamayuru: Asani Bhaduri

Phugtal Monastery: Anonymous

Ganga Arti at Varanasi: Dalbera

Confluence of Indus and Zanskar: Baldiri

South Asian Collection & Resources


Bodhi Ajanta Plucked instruments Qutb Minar Taj Mahal Mughal Painting Khajuraho Temple Detail Landscape of Hampi Phugtal monastery Stone carvings at Lamayuru Monastery Confluence of Indus and Zanskar

The University Library has excellent printed and electronic resources that support teaching and research in South Asian Studies, which includes countries such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, the Maldives, and Bhutan.

Reference service and orientation is provided at the International and Area Studies Library, where patrons can find assistance using the collections and services from language specialists.

Resources include:

The South Asian library collection has grown steadily with gifts from the government of India and indivdiuals, and substantial library acquistions. Cooperative and exchange agreements exist with the Center for Research Libraries (CRL), Digital South Asia Library (DSAL), and South Asia Microfilm Project (SAMP).


Reference works and a selection of current serials in English and South Asian languages are housed in the International and Area Studies Library located on the third floor of the Main Library. All other materials can be found in the Main Stacks and in various departmental libraries.


CWL/MACS 207: Indian Cinema in Context
A guide library resources for students enrolled in CWL/MACS 207: Indian Cinema in Context.

GEOG 106: Geographies of Globalization
A library resource guide for students enrolled in GEOG 106

Hindi Language LibGuide
This guide is designed for scholars, undergraduate students and anyone else who is interested in learning the Hindi Language.

LA/ASST 218: Cultural Landscapes of South Asia
A guide library resources for students enrolled in LA/ASST 218: Cultural Landscapes of South Asia.

RLST 286: Introduction to Hinduism
This guide is intended to help students enrolled in RLST 286: "Introduction to Hinduism" complete their research assignments .

Rabindranath Tagore Research Guide
This guide provides an overview of researching the life and works of Rabindranath Tagore.

South Asian Comic Collection
by Undergraduate Library, Mara Thacker - Last Updated Aug 6, 2013
This guide accompanies our South Asian comics collection as part of an initiative to develop a national specialized research resource for students, instructors, and scholars interested in these materials.

South Asian Studies Resources
This guide provides information on South Asian Studies resources available to UIUC students, staff and faculty.

South Asian Archival Resources

This LibGuide is a curation of Archival resources available at UIUC, specifically related to South Asia.