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Databases & Indexes for Latin America & the Caribbean A-Z

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Hispanic American Periodical Index (HAPI) Source for approximately 300,000 journal article citations about Central America, South America, the Caribbean,
Mexico, Brazil, and Hispanics/Latinos in the United States. Currently provides over 100,000 full text of articles from more
than 600 key social science and humanities journals.

Citas Latinoamericanas en Ciencias Sociales y Humanidades (CLASE)Bibliographic database maintained by the Universidad Nacional Autónmoma de México (UNAM) offering about 350 thousand
bibliographic records of articles, essays, book reviews, literature reviews, short notes, editorials, biographies, interviews,
statistics and other documents published in about 1500 journals from Latin America and the Caribbean, specializing in social
sciences and humanities.

Consejo Latinoamericano de Ciencias Sociales (CLACSO) Repository of Latin
American and Caribbean libraries provding open access to academic articles, thesis, presentations, working papers, and multi-media

Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) The DOAJ aims to be the one-stop shop for comprehensive
coverage of all open access scientific and scholarly journals that use a quality control system to guarantee the content.

Latin Americanist Research Resources Portal (LARRP)LARRP provides open electronic access to the tables of contents of journals published in Latin America and the Caribbean
between the years 1994 and 2009. LAPTOC consists of 975 academic and research journals published in 29 countries in the region,
including bibliographic references to more than 340,000 articles in the area’s major languages.

Latindex A “portal of portals” to index and full text academic journals from Latin
America, the Caribbean, Spain, and Portugal designed and maintained by the Universidad Nacional Autónmoma de México.

Publicaciones y Revistas Sociales y Humanísticas (PRISMA) Comprehensive reference resource providing more than hundred full-text scholarly journals with articles
in the social sciences and humanities for the interdisciplinary academic study of Hispanic and Latin America and the Caribbean
Basin. It offers key titles in English, Spanish and Portuguese indexed in the Hispanic American Periodicals Index (HAPI).

Redalyc Gathers journals from 15 Latin American countries, with over 550 titles
and 16,000 articles available in PDF format, along with abstracts in Spanish and English, reference information and other
metadata. With the support of la Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México, Redalyc offers its material for free to download
under a Creative Commons license.

Scielo SciELO is a bibliographic database of open access journals
and a model for cooperative electronic publishing in developing countries, originally from Brazil.

For Primary Sources:

AmericasBarometer by the Latin American Public Opinion Project (LAPOP) The AmericasBarometer is the only survey of democratic public opinion and behavior that covers the Americas.
It is an effort by LAPOP to measure democratic values and behaviors in the Americas using national probability samples of
voting-age adults.

Archives Unbound – Latin America and the Caribbean Colección Revolución, 1910-1921 (Mexico) Emiliano Zapata, 1901-1919 (Mexico) Federal Surveillance of the
Partido Independentista Puertorriqueño (Puerto Rico) Feminism in Cuba: Nineteenth through Twentieth Century Archival Documents
(Cuba) Foreign Relations between Latin America and the Caribbean States, 1930-1944

Biblioteca Digital de la Biblioteca Nacional José Martí, Cuba

Biblioteca Digital Cubana

Biblioteca Virtual de Puerto Rico

Caribbean Diaspora Oral History ProjectInterviews from leading individuals from the South Florida community addressing topics such as art and media, education,
entrepreneurship, and activism. Read news release here.

Cazeta de Puerto Rico (1837-1902) Official Puerto Rican
newspaper for most of the nineteenth century. Access is provided through the Library of Congress.

Confidential Print: Latin America, 1833-1969 The Confidential Print series, issued by the Foreign and Colonial Offices since around 1820, is…one
of the most important series produced by the British Government….The documents of Confidential Print: Latin America cover
the whole of South and Central America, plus the non-British islands of the Caribbean, from just after the final Spanish
withdrawal from mainland America in the 1820s to the height of the Cold War in the 1960s. Covering revolutions, territorial
changes and political movements, foreign financial interests, industrial and infrastructural development (including the building
of the Panama Canal), wars, slavery, immigration from Europe and relations with indigenous peoples, amongst other topics,
the files in this title form a vital resource for any scholar of Latin American history in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Digital Library of the Caribbean (DLoC) Cooperative digital library for resources from
and about the Caribbean and circum-Caribbean; provides access to digitized versions of Caribbean cultural, historical and
research materials currently held in archives, libraries, and private collections.

Digital National Security Archive Provides access to declassified U.S. government documents from 1945-2013. As of August 2016, the resource
included 48 collections consisting of approximately 120,000 indexed documents focusing on national security topics, such
as the Cuban Missile Crisis, U.S. Intelligence after 9/11, and in countries such as Mexico, Peru, Chile, among others. The
collection contains policy documents including presidential directives, memos, diplomatic dispatches, meeting notes, independent
reports, briefing papers, White House communications, email, confidential letters and other secret material.

Hathi Trust Digital Library HathiTrust Digital Library is a digital preservation
repository and highly functional access platform. It provides long-term preservation and access services for public domain
and in copyright content from a variety of sources, including Google, the Internet Archive, Microsoft, and in-house partner
institution initiatives.

ISI Emerging Markets Multilingual collection
of news and information sources about the emerging markets of selected countries in Latin America, Europe, Asia, the Middle
East, and North Africa. Includes full-text primary news sources, financial data, statistics, and legal information.

Latin American and Caribbean Digital Primary Sources (SALALM)The Latin American and Caribbean Digital Primary Sources portal lists open access digital portals to primary sources for
the use of historical research. Each item is annotated and the list is organized into six main categories: “Historical Texts
by Country“, “Historical Texts/General“, “Statistics“, “Visual Material by Country“, “Visual Material General“, and “Miscellaneous.”
The site is hosted and maintained by SALALM, the association of Latin American Librarians. Currently, inclusion in the list
is reserved for portals in created and maintained by SALALM member institutions. Portals are added frequently, so you are
encouraged to visit periodically.

Latin American Literature Pre-1920Digitized books about Latin American Literature published before 1920s.

Latin American Newspapers Collection, 1805-1922 Online access to digital historical newspapers from multiple countries in Latin American and the Caribbean.

Latin American Open Archives Portal (LAOAP) The Latin American Open
Archives Portal is a project of the Latin Americanist Research Resources Project – LARRP, in collaboration with the Latin
American Network Information Center – LANIC, to improve access to social sciences grey literature produced in Latin America.
The portal provides access to working documents, pre-prints, research papers, statistical documents, and other difficult-to-access
materials from the “deep Web.” Typically, this content is published by research institutes, non-governmental organizations,
and peripheral agencies that are not controlled by commercial publishers.

Luso Brazilian History and Culture: Oliveira Lima Library Pamphlets Pamphlets from the personal library of Brazilian diplomat Manoel de Oliveira Lima (1867-1928). Most of
the pamphlets relate specifically to Brazil. They are on Brazilian subjects, or their authors are Brazilian, whether the
pamphlets were published in Brazil or elsewhere. Major subects are history, politics, literature. Other topics include social
and economic conditions, travel, agriculture, immigration, indigenous peoples, religion, women’s rights, biography, diplomacy,
law, education, the press, medicine, public health, railroads, ports, foreign and international relations, geography, geology,
art, academic societies, Pan-Americanism, positivism, the First World War, the Portuguese and Spanish empires, and Spanish
American history and culture.

Sabin Americana, 1500-1900 Based on Joseph Sabin’s famed bibliography, Bibliotheca Americana – A Dictionary of Books Relating to
America From its Discovery to the Present Time, Sabin Americana, 1500–1926 is an online collection of books, pamphlets, serials
and other works about the Americas, from the time of their discovery to the early 1900s. Sabin Americana, 1500–1926 is rich
in original accounts of discovery and exploration, pioneering and westward expansion, the U.S. Civil War and other military
actions, Native Americans, slavery and abolition, religious history and more.

Slavery, Abolition & Social Justice
This digital collection documents key aspects of the history of slavery worldwide over six centuries, with 16 key areas of
focus: slavery in the early Americas; African coast; the Middle Passage; slavery and agriculture; urban and domestic slavery;
slave testimony; spiritualism and religion in slave communities; resistance and revolts; the Underground Railroad; the abolition
movement and the slavery debate; legislation and politics; freed slaves, freedmen and free black settlements; education;
slavery and the Islamic world; varieties of slave experience; slavery today and the legacy of slavery. The collection also
includes case studies from America, the Caribbean, Brazil, and Cuba.

Slavery and Anti-Slavery Archive Slavery and Anti-Slavery includes collections on the transatlantic slave trade, the global movement for
the abolition of slavery, the legal, personal, and economic aspects of the slavery system, and the dynamics of emancipation
in the U.S. as well as in Latin America, the Caribbean, and other regions.

Slavery & Anti-Slavery Pamphlets from the Libraries of Salmon P. Chase & John P. Hale (1830-1867) The 166 slavery and anti-slavery pamphlets included in ProQuest Civil War Era expand on individual perspectives
of government officials, clergy, social reformists, and others. The pamphlets collections are from the libraries of Salmon
P. Chase and John P. Hale.

Sur Digital Archive SUR, one of the
most important and influential literary magazines published in Latin America in the twentieth century, is now available as
a full-text searchable, digital archive. SUR, 1931-1991 contains images of the complete run of the magazine — including covers,
photographs and advertisements — with an interface in both Spanish and English.

World Scholar: Latin America World Scholar:
Latin America and the Caribbean provides full text, searchable access to a digital collection of primary (and secondary)
source documents about Latin America and the Caribbean. The scope ranges from the colonial period to the present and includes
monographs, manuscripts, pamphlets, letters, expedition records, journals, periodicals, reports, maps, diaries, descriptions
of voyages, and newspaper accounts.


Latina en Video Latin America in Video offers quality original language documentaries from some of the most important
producers and independent filmmakers in Latin America. The films were produced in Latin America, by Latin Americans, about
Latin American issues, such as cultural identity, political history, human rights, popular culture, agribusiness, education,
religion, and much more.

Biblioteca Virtual en Salud (Virtual Health Library) Latin
American and Caribbean Center on Health Sciences Information (fka Regional Library of Medicine, BIREME), is a Pan American
Health Organization World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO) focus on the democratization of access, publication and use of the
health information, knowledge and scientific evidence in health the region.

Caribbean Knowledge Management Center The Caribbean Development Portal was developed
by ECLAC to enhance the diffusion of knowledge about the current state of economic and social development in the Caribbean.
As an a aggregator of reports and statistics from national, regional, and global organizations, it aims to increase the visibility
of these resources, and thereby provide a service for researchers seeking information to support development efforts in the

Chicano Databaselock-illinois Produced
by the Ethnic Studies Library at the University of California, Berkeley, this bibliographic index covers a wide range of
materials focused on the Mexican-American and Chicano experience, as well as the broader Latino experience of Puerto Ricans,
Cuban Americans and Central American immigrants since 1992.

Columbia International Affairs Onlinelock-illinois Includes working papers from university research institutes, occasional papers series from NGOs, foundation-funded
research projects, proceedings from conferences, books, journals and policy briefs, original case studies written by leading
international affairs experts, course packs of background readings for history and political science classes.

Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC)

Dialnet Portal for the dissemination of Spanish scientific production specializing
in the humanities and social sciences. Developed at the University of La Rioja (Spain), contains the indexes of scientific
and humanistic journals from Spain, Portugal and Latin America, as well as of books, dissertations, Festschrifts, etc. Full
text is available for many of the documents.

Digitalia Digitalia is an index of ebooks and ejournals where with access
to high-quality content in Spanish Language. Thousands of ebooks from the most renowned Spanish and Latin American Publishing
Houses, as well as relevant journals that cover all topics of interest.

Directory of Open Access Repositories (OpenDOAR)

Latin America European Portal European information and research on Latin America.
The portal is the result of cooperation between the networks REDIAL and CEISAL, its objective is to offer a complete information
system specialized in the European humanities and social science research on Latin America.

Latin American and Caribbean Network on Labour History From
the site: “data base of over 600 bibliographical references about labour in different Latin American countries and the Caribbean
world. The website also provides significant information on archival collections about Labour History. The aim of the Latin
American Network on Labour History is: ‘to build a community network of scholars who do research on Latin American and Caribbean
Labour History from the XVI century until the present.'”

Latino Literature (EBSCO) Latino
Literature brings together more than 100,000 pages pages of poetry, fiction, and over 450 plays written in English and Spanish
by hundreds of Chicano, Cuban, Puerto Rican, Dominican, and other Latino authors working in the United States. Among the
gems of the collection are nearly 800 items (poems, novels, and plays) that have never been published before. Researchers
will also find numerous Chicano folk tales and audio files of selected poems and plays. It contains over 133,465 pages.

Researching Brazil Devised as a tool to support research
in Brazilian Studies, Researching Brazil/Pesquisa no Brasil is both a bibliographic index and a gateway to online resources
relevant to the field. The site provides a searchable index of Brazilian scholarly journals and contains additional relevant
resources, including a news page, an online directory of institutions, a bibliography of print sources, and links to selected
websites relevant to researchers.

Revistas Científicas Complutenses (UCM) Electronic journals published by the press
of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

Latin American Databases & Indexes by Subject


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Women & Gender Studies

Academic Search Complete

A popular resource found in many academic settings worldwide, this resource was designed for the premier researcher, rich
with the most valuable, comprehensive multidisciplinary content available. As a leading scholarly database, it provides access
to acclaimed full-text journals, magazines, and other valuable resources.

CQ Researcher

CQ Researcher provides award winning in-depth coverage of the most important issues of the day. Our reports are written by
experienced journalists, footnoted and professionally fact-checked. Full-length articles include an overview, historical
background, chronology, pro/con feature, plus resources for additional research.

Historical Abstracts (Ebsco)

Provides selective indexing of historical articles from thousands of journals in a wide variety of languages. Coverage includes
the history of the world (excluding the United States and Canada) from 1450 to the present, including world history, military
history, women’s history, history of education and much more.

Humanities and Social Sciences Retrospective 1907-1984

A bibliographic database that cites articles from English-language periodicals. Periodical coverage includes some of the
best-known scholarly journals and numerous lesser-known but important specialized magazines. Coverage includes a wide range
of interdisciplinary fields covered in a broad array of humanities and social sciences journals.

IBZ: International Bibliography of Periodical Literature in the Humanities and Social Sciences

IBZ has been the leading international and interdisciplinary reference work documenting academic periodical literature in
the humanities, social sciences and related fields for over a hundred years. The spectrum of subjects covered is unrivalled:
in no other database are academic journals from so many fields covered. Publications from 40 countries in more than 40 languages
are taken into consideration


Originally containing digitized back issues of academic journals, this database now also includes books and primary sources,
and current issues of journals. It provides full-text searches of almost 2,000 journals.

Periodicals Archive Online

Periodicals Archive Online is a major archive that makes the backfiles of scholarly periodicals in the arts, humanities and
social sciences available electronically, providing access to the searchable full text of hundreds of titles. The database
spans more than two centuries of content, 37 key subject areas, and multiple languages.

Linguistics & Language Behavior Abstracts (Proquest)

A multi-disciplinary database of more than 4,600 magazines and journals, including full text for nearly 3,900 peer-reviewed
titles. In addition to the full-text, this database offers indexing and abstracts for 8,470 journals.

Project MUSE

Project MUSE is a leading provider of digital humanities and social sciences content; since 1995, its electronic journal
collections have supported a wide array of research needs at academic, public, special, and school libraries worldwide. MUSE
books and journals, from leading university presses and scholarly societies, are fully integrated for search and discovery.

Web of Science Database

Made up of the Science Citation Index Expanded, Social Sciences Citation Index, and Arts & Humanities Citation Index)
Arts and Humanitites Citation Index

Other Databases & Indexes by Subject