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Annual Edible Book Festival Photo Gallery 2011

Amy Sponsler with her entry: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Whitney Clark with he entry: The Secret Life of Bees Beth Armsey and friends from Clark Lindsey Village with their entry: Strange Fruit Edible Book Festival Judges: Kathleen Harleman, Zach Grant and Chris Hohn Sue Searing with her entry: The English Patient Collaborators from The Center for Children's Books with their entry: And Tango Makes Three Amy Fuller with her entry: Oh, The Places You'll Go!

The 6th Annual Edible Book Festival was held April 5, 2011 at the University YMCA

Thanks to everyone who joined us in celebrating the 6th Annual Festival at the University YMCA! A special thanks goes out to our 2011 judges, Kathleen Harleman, Chris Hohn and Zach Grant, as well as to local donors for their generous prize donations: Dallas & Company, Common Ground Food Coop, Center for Children's Books, Champaign Public Library FriendShop and the Espresso Royale at the Undergraduate Library.

2011 Judges:

2011 Prize Categories:


The Winning Entries
Cake shaped like Sherlock Holmes' head, including his pipe, decorated with icing to look like a map of London. Two adult penguins (made from eggplants) with their charge, a baby penguin, made from a kiwi fruit--all surrounded by cardboard ice bergs populated by numerous tiny penguins made of olives. Two large ears of corn made from fondant-covered cake with "Send $1M or ELSE!" written in frosting script.

Best Depiction of a Classic

Best Visual Presentation

Most Appetizing & People's Choice Award

Adventures of Sherlock Holmes And Tango Makes Three The Corn Ultimatum
Created by Amy Sponsler Created by The Center for Children's Books Created by Rachael Weber



A gathering of humorously decorated fruits to look like strange, odd creatures. Two bees partying (smoking ciggies and drinking) on a flower made of cake.

Two gin martinis, one with an olive and the othe with a twist of lemon.

Best Collaborative Creation



Strange Fruit The Secret Life of Bees Oliver Twist
Created by Clark-Lindsey Village Created by Whitney Clark Created by The Rare Book and Manuscript Library



A sandwich (bread = two hand-shaped brownies; filling = alfalfa sprouts) decorated with a Brownie Scout emblem." A white frosted cake with one piece cut out and an eye to make it look like the face on the book cover of "The Missing Piece" Square yellow-frosted cake decorated with a house, cloud, suspended mini-hamburgers and littered with dark brown candy meatballs.

Best Use of Local Ingredients

Best Based on Children's/Teen's Book (TIE)

Best Based on Children's/Teen's Book (TIE)

The Brownie Sprout Handbook The Missing Piece Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs
Created by Christine Jenkins Created by Sam Hotchkiss Created by Karin Ballsrud



An English muffin sandwich with a bandage placed upon it.

Special Award for the Darkest Entry

The English Patient
Created by Sue Searing



Other Entries
Chartruse-green frosted cake with three angry-faced puple "grapes" formed of cake upon it. Square cake frosted to look like a map of the world with a yellow-frosted compass placed in the center and "The Golden Compass" written in frosting. An oblong carrot cake decorated with a large frosting carrot slashed by a large real carrot as if the real carrot were a knife.
The Grapes of Wrath The Golden Compass Carrot Cake Murder
Created by Rebecca Humann Created by Marlene Kvitrud Created by Kathy Sponsler



A sauce pot dressed in a blue furry Harry Potter wig holding an assortment of blueberry scones. A tiered white wedding cake decorated with photos (added like candles) of 19 wives with a photo of Brigham Young at the top.

Rectangular sheet cake, left half decorated white with winged angels made of marshmallows and bagel chips, and the right half dark chocolate frosted with a chocolate cake building signed "Lehman Bros"

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Scone 19th Wife Angels and Lehmans
Created by Karina Anglada Created by Print Prowlers' Book Club Created by Amita Goyal, Kavin Sivapalen & Archaa Shrivostuv



Square cake with frosted decoration of girl in blue dress leaping with her dog through grass, looking very much like the cover of "On the Banks of Plum Creek"

Very tiny chocolate book sitting upon a cookie. Cake decorated with Japanese form of Genji surrounded by frosted pink flowers.
On the Banks of Plum Creek Miniature Book Tale of Genji
Created by Jenna Zeidler Created by Tamaki Levy and Makiko Ishizawa Created by Tamaki Levy and Makiko Ishizawa



Velveeta cheese cut-out in the shape of a rabbit placed upon lettuce with crackers.

Paper image of Anne sitting in a basket of bright green bagels. Cake in the shape of a large dreamsicle frosted in orange with a popsicle stick protruding.
The Velveeta Rabbit Anne of Green Bagels A Midsummer Night's Dreamsicle
Created by Ed Hill Created by Chris Johns Created by Amelia Tebbe



Chocolate-frosted cake with golden bird carrying an arrow ("Hunger Games" logo) and a sign: "This is no place for a cake on FIRE" Small yellow character on top of a multi-color banded cake spire atop a multi-colored banded cake (similar to the cover of "Oh, the Places You'll Go!" Chocolate cake decorated with chocolate frosting and oatmeal spelling: "ME EAT PRETTY ONE DAY"
The Hunger Games Oh, The Places You'll Go! Me Talk Pretty One Day
Created by Renata Sancken Created by Amy Fuller, Diana Zimmerman & Jake Created by Megean Osuchowski



Yellow sun-shaped pastry with sun-dried tomato baked rolls and sun-dried tomato dipping sauce.

Round cake decorated with a multi-colored fish and small fish crackers swimming in blue water (frosting) among green seaweed and colorful corals.

Orange and black striped tiger cookie in a brown chocolate boat upon blue-tipped frosting in a graham-cracker crust pie.
The Sun Also Rises Rainbow Fish Life of Pi
Created by Alex Castro Created by Christine Chung Created by Anne Hollenback, Ten deHavo, Lisa Wilson & Melissa Yako



Large blue-green bird made of a cake body with an ice-cream cone neck and cake head. Seven small pie tarts, one for each day of the week.
Don't Let the Pigeon Judge the Contest Pie Every Day
Created by Julia Hutchinson Created by Katie Blakeman