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Oak Street Reading Room

The Oak Street Reading Room

The Reading Room provides a space for patrons to use Library materials housed in Oak Street High Density Storage. This is particularly useful when a patron needs to consult a large number of books, such as multi-volume sets. Unless materials are building-use only, patrons can take items home. Alternatively, they can request that items be set aside for them to use on following days.

Besides tables for research, the reading room has a public computer connected to a multi-function printer capable of scanning, copying, and printing.


Hours and Location

9am-4pm Monday-Friday

809 S. Oak Street, Champaign IL


The OSLF is located at 809 S. Oak Street near the intersection of Oak and Daniel Streets. This location is approximately 8 blocks from the Main Library.

map of the Oak Street Library Facility's location


Requesting Materials - Information for Patrons

To request that materials be available for you to use at the Oak Street Reading Room, please identify what materials housed at "Oak Street Facility [request only]" you would find useful. Take your list of titles and call numbers--and your I-card--to the service desk in any library on campus. The staff there will submit your requests.

Only materials listing the following location in the Library Online Catalog can be used at the Reading Room:

Materials will be available for use the following business day, and will be held for one week. (If there are circumstances where you need more immediate access, please phone the Oak Street High Density Storage staff at 265-9476.)


Requesting Materials - Information for Staff

Patron requests for materials to be used in the Reading Room must be mediated by public service staff throughout the Library, and will be available the following business day.

Currently, the only materials that will be available to patrons for use in the Reading Room are those that are held in the “stos” location (Oak Street [req only]), and not material from any of the special Oak Street locations.

To submit Reading Room requests on behalf of a patron, please create a Call Slip using the patron's I-card and choosing "UIUC OAK ST. DESK" as the pickup location.

For detailed procedures with screen shots, please see:

Oak Street Reading Room Requests

If you run into problems, please call the Phone Center.