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Reserve Processing for current term

If dates are listed below, reserve requests submitted on that date are currently being processed in order of receipt. Lists from previous dates may still be in progress.

two business days

UGL & Central Circ:
January 20

Funk ACES:
January 22

Grainger Engineering:
January 13

Reserves become active one week before the semester/course starts.

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Mary S. Laskowski is the Head of Collection Management Services | email | bio


Email accounts

We have a number of shared email accounts.  If uncertain, please email the cmservices account and it will get forwarded to the appropriate account.



Please call our office in the Main Library for all questions except those concerning Oak Street High Density Storage.

For information about how soon your reserve request will be processed, please see the right column of this page.



For information on these webforms, please see the linked pages.

Placing Materials on Reserve:

Gifts Information for Librarians:

Transferring Materials to Oak Street

De-Accessioning Materials from Oak Street:


Electronic Reserves

Starting in Summer 2013, our webform for E-reserves will only be used for reusing previous e-reserve lists from the old system. All new e-reserves will be submitted directly within the new e-reserve system.

Electronic Reserves System

E-Reserve Reuse Request Webform