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Main Stacks Research Carrels

Current University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign faculty, graduate students and visiting scholars sponsored by an Urbana campus academic department, are eligible to apply for a research carrel. Due to the status of the stacks and the limited number of carrels available, priority is given to faculty members and graduate students actively involved in research requiring extensive use of materials in the Main Stacks.

Please note: Conditions in the Main Stacks are dusty, noisy, often exhibit extremes in uncontrolled temperature, and are not necessarily conducive to quiet work or study.  Wifi is not supported.  Before filling out a carrel application, you may wish to visit the stacks to determine whether the carrel space will fit your needs. 

Carrel Assignment


Carrel Policies

Violation of Library policies or carrel policies may lead to immediate termination of carrel privileges.

All research carrels are subject to routine search by authorized staff to ensure compliance with these policies. Personal belongings found in the carrel will be removed and discarded after three weeks.


Procedures for Obtaining a Research Carrel