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Abraham Africanus I : his secret life, revealed under the mesmeric influence ; mysteries of the White House. New York : J.F. Feeks [1864]

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While the majority of Illinoisans supported the war against the secession of the southern states and opposed the enslavement of African-Americans, those sentiments were far from universal in the state, particularly in south central and southern Illinois whose residents were more likely to have migrated from the south. The Copperheads were a loosely organized group of Midwestern Democrats who vehemently opposed the war and the administration of President Abraham Lincoln. The reasons for Copperhead opposition were numerous but focused primarily on the negative economic impact of the Civil War particularly in agriculture and banking; Lincoln's declaration of martial law and suspension of habeas corpus in 1863; and, for some, the Emancipation Proclamation. Abraham Africanus I is a rare Copperhead political pamphlet from 1864 that satirically depicts Abraham Lincoln making a pact with the Devil to become the monarchical ruler of the United States. To read more about the Copperheads, see Illinois Copperheads and the American Civil War.