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Reserve Processing for current term

If dates are listed below, reserve requests submitted on that date are currently being processed in order of receipt. Lists from previous dates may still be in progress.

two business days

UGL & Central Circ:
January 22

Funk ACES:
two business days

Grainger Engineering:
January 13

Reserves become active one week before the semester/course starts.

Placing Materials on Reserve

Types of Reserves and Locations

All electronic reserves across the Library are processed by Collection Management Services.  For assistance placing electronic material on reserve, please see the Reserves LibGuide.

The forms for physical reserves (book and media) on this page are specific to the following locations:

Please note that book reserve requests submitted for the Funk ACES and Grainger Engineering Libraries are processed by the staff of those libraries, not Collection Management Services. Therefore, any questions or problems relating to Funk ACES or Grainger Engineering reserves need to be directed to the appropriate staff in that location.

If you wish to place materials on reserve at a library other than Central Circulation (Main Library), Funk ACES, Grainger Engineer, or the Undergraduate Library, please contact the staff at that library directly.



Additional Information On This Page

For detailed information about reserves, please see one of the following pages:



Reserve Request Forms

Please submit a separate request for each course and reserve format (electronic or physical).

A bibliography may be attached to any of these forms, rather than entering citations.


Electronic Reserve Request Forms

Electronic Reserves, or e-reserves, includes all reserve materials that are accessed online, regardless of format. (As the purpose of e-reserves is to provide access to content that supplements assigned textbooks, most e-reserve requests are for a single chapter or article from a source.)

The following formats can be placed on e-reserve:

Help using the e-reserve system can be found at our Reserves Libguide.


Physical Reserve Request Forms

Physical Reserves includes all reserve materials that are held behind the desk in a library, regardless of format.

Physical Reserve Request Webform | MSWord Physical Reserve Request Form | Reserve Purchase Request Webform



Submitting Reserve Requests

Reserve requests may be submitted in several ways

Please note that we have no public service desk to meet with you in person, and telephone requests are not accepted due to the complexity of the information required.


Submitting physical materials


Online ticketing system


Reserves do not become active in advance



Reusing Reserves

Many faculty/instructors find it convenient to use most of the same reserve materials each time they teach a class.  To make this easier, we email all of our current instructors toward the end of the semester asking about carrying over reserve materials.


Reusing Electronic Reserves


Carrying Over Physical Reserves