American Decades

Cross-disciplinary source for those who need to document and analyze periods of contemporary American social history (1900-1999).

American Decades Primary Sources

Cross-disciplinary source spanning the 20th century. Each volume in the set includes full or excerpted primary sources representing the seminal issues, themes, movements and events from a decade. Includes oral histories, songs, speeches, advertisements, TV, play and movie scripts, letters, laws, legal decisions, newspaper articles, cartoons, recipes, and more.

Daily Lives of Civilians in Wartime Europe, 1618-1900

This book explores the effects of war on the everyday life of civilians from 1618 to 1900.

Encyclopedia of African-American Culture and History

Covers the African-American experience from 1619 to the present day. Using biographies, historical essays, and thematic pieces, it addresses a wide array of subjects in over 2,300 articles.

Encyclopedia of American Civil Liberties and Rights

Covers civil rights and liberties in America including controversies over political and social issues, including abortion, free speech, religious liberty, voting rights, and the guarantees of equality.

Encyclopedia of Anti-Slavery and Abolition

This encyclopedia focuses on antislavery movements and important developments in slavery abolition and slave emancipation in many places around the globe.

Encyclopedia of the Crusades

Explores the time of the Crusades, around 1095 to 1291 C.E., and includes entries on events and people involved.

Encyclopedia of Disasters: Environmental Catastrophes and Human Tragedies

Includes entries on disasters that have had the greatest historical, environmental, and cultural impact.

Encyclopedia of European Social History

This reference includes more than 230 articles on everything from serfdom and the economy, to witchcraft and public health.

Encyclopedia of India

A four-volume survey of the history, cultures, geography, and religions of India from ancient times to the present day.

Encyclopedia of Irish History and Culture

Spans Irish history from prehistoric times to the present, treating both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland in detail. Entries represent an inclusive, cross-disciplinary approach, written by specialists and covering history, archaeology, anthropology, geography, politics, economics, the Irish and English languages and literatures, the visual arts, and other fields.

Encyclopedia of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered History in America

A three-volume survey of more than 400 years of lesbian and gay history and culture in the United States. Coverage includes people, public policy, economics, social issues, identities, and culture, among many others.

Encyclopedia of Modern Asia

A six-volume survey of modern Asia, defined as extending from Japan in the east to Turkey in the west, and from Kazakhstan in the north to Indonesia in the south. Presents entries covering such subjects as countries, cities, regions, natural features, religions, social issues, languages, people, events, customs, politics, and economics.

Encyclopedia of Russian History

Provides a comprehensive discussion of Russia's people, politics, economics, religion, and social systems. Entries span the period from the earliest beginnings of the Russian nation to the rise and fall of the Soviet Union.

From Polis to Empire--The Ancient World, c. 800 B.C. - A.D. 500: A Biographical Dictionary

This e-book features several hundred biographies of figures of the ancient world. Emphasis is on cultural figures and events rather than the political events and figures.

Gale Encyclopedia of U.S. Economic History

Includes entries on major people, businesses, industries, events, movements, and trends involved in U.S. economic history.

Greenwood Encyclopedia of African-American Civil Rights: From Emancipation to the Twenty-First Century
Chronicles the people, laws, and events involved in African-American civil rights history up to the 21st century. It also contains primary documents that played a role in the Civil Rights Movement.

Greenwood Encyclopedia of Clothing through World History Volumes 1-3
Covers the history of clothing throughout the world from pre-historic times to 2006. Many cultures are included in this study of clothing within the context of social, political, economic and religious history as they pertain to each time period and place.

Historical Dictionary of the 1950s

An overview of the prominent people, major events, issues, scandals, ideas, popular culture, and court cases of the decade that gave rise to the tensions of the 1960s.

Historical Encyclopedia of the Arab-Israeli Conflict

Gives detailed and comprehensive coverage of the important political, military, and diplomatic events, places, people, groups, agreements, treaties, and issues that have marked this controversial and complex regional and international conflict.

Historical Encyclopedia of American Labor Volume 1 and Volume 2

Entries cover unions, union leaders, labor-related events, important statutes and court cases, and labor terminology.

People's Chronology

Presents a year-by-year record of human events from prehistory to the present. Each chronological chapter is further organized by era or year, and within each year by 33 standard subject categories that feature not only political events and wars, but also events in the arts and humanities, education, transportation, science and medicine, and social trends.

Renaissance and Reformation, 1500-1620: A Biographical Dictionary

This electronic book contains brief, introductory information about various individuals who made outstanding contributions to the culture of Western civilization from 1500-1620.

Witchcraft in America

Covers the history of witchcraft in the United States, from the hysteria that facilitated the witch hunts during the colonial period to modern day followers of Wicca.