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Title: Chicago Seed (Chicago, Ill. : 1967)

Alternate Title: Seed; The Seed; The Chicago Seed
City: Chicago, Illinois  Country: United States
Frequency: Irregularly
Language: English
Subject/Audience: Alternative
Subject/Audience: LGBTQ
Notes: Issues included gay supplements written by members of local GLF.

Available in the following formats/locations:
Format: Online   
Online Collection: Independent Voices  [Access restricted to UIUC affiliates.]
Summary Dates: 1967 – 1974
Detailed Dates: [1967] – Apr 8, 1974  

Format: Microfilm   Call Number: FILM071.3Un2
Location: History, Philosophy and Newspaper Library. 246 Main Library
Collection: Underground Press Collection
Summary Dates: 1967 – 1973
Detailed Dates:   Vol.1, no.1-12 (1967): reel 4.
  Vol.1, no.13 (1968:Jan.5): reel 14.
  Vol.2, no.1-13 (1968:Undated-Sept): reel 14.
  Vol.3, no.1-3 (1968:Oct.-Dec.5): reel 14.
  Vol.3, no.5-6 (1969:Jan.10): reel 24.
  Vol.3, no.7 (Undated): reel 262.
  Vol.3, no.8-13 (1969:Mar.-May): reel 24.
  Vol.4, no.1-10 (1969:June-Dec.15): reel 24.
  Vol.4, no.11 (1970:Jan.): reel 262.
  Vol.4, no.12-13 (1970:Feb.-Mar.): reel 42.
  Vol.5, no.1-3 (1970:Mar.-May): reel 42.
  Vol.5, no.5-7 (1970:June-July): reel 42.
  Vol.5, no.8 (1970:June 6): reel 262.
  Vol.5, no.10 (1970:Aug.): reel 42.
  Vol.5, no.11 (1970:Undated): reel 262.
  Vol.6, no.2-5 (1970:Undated-1971:Undated): reel 262.
  Vol.6, no.6-7 (1971:Jan.-Undated): reel 73.
  Vol.6, no.9-13 (1971:Undated-Fourth Anniversary Issue): reel 262.
  Vol.7, no.1-2 (1971:Undated-June30): reel 262.
  Vol.7, no.5 (1971:Aug.13): reel 262.
  Vol.7, no.3-13 (1971:July14-Dec.23): reel 73.
  Vol.8, no.1-2 (1972:Jan.13-Undated): reel 113.
  Vol.8, no.4-6 (1972:Mar.17-Apr.26): reel 113.
  Vol.8, no.8-9 (1972:Undated): reel 113.
  Vol.8, no.13 (1972:Oct.2): reel 113.
  Vol.9, no.3 (1973:Jan.): reel 143.

Format: Microfilm   Call Number: FILM071.3Un1ic
Location: History, Philosophy and Newspaper Library. 246 Main Library
Notes: Reel #3
Collection: Champaign-Urbana Underground Press
Summary Dates: 1970 – 1970
Detailed Dates: 

Format: Microfilm   Call Number: FILM071.3Un24
Location: History, Philosophy and Newspaper Library. 246 Main Library
Collection: Hoover Supp. to Underground Press
Summary Dates: 1970 – 1972
Detailed Dates:   Vol.5, no.4,9,13 (Undated): reel 5.
  Vol.6, no.1 (Undated): reel 5.
  Vol.8, no.7 (Undated): reel 5.

Format: Microfilm   Call Number: FILM071.731c433se
Location: History, Philosophy and Newspaper Library. 246 Main Library
Notes: Incomplete holdings.
Summary Dates: 1970 – 1970
Detailed Dates: Sept 17, 1970 – Dec 31, 1970  

Format: Print   Call Number: PortfoLioUPC-3
Location: Newspaper Portfolio. Ask staff at HPNL (246 Main Library) for assistance.
Portfolio: UPC-3
Collection: Portfolio UPC-3
Summary Dates: 1967 – 1972
Detailed Dates:   Vol.1, no.6-11 (1967:Aug.-Dec.)
  Vol.2, no.1-2 (1968:Jan.-)
  Vol.2, no.4-12(1968:Apr.-Aug.)
  Vol.3, no.1-11,13 (1968:Oct.-1969:May)
  Vol.4, no.1-4 (1969:June-July)
  Vol.5, no.2 (1970:Apr.)
  Vol.6, no.11 (1971:Undated)
  Vol.7, no.1,6 (1971:June,Sept.)
  Vol.8, no.1 (1972:Jan.)

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