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These are the Labor newspapers in the INP Database. All film is available via Interlibrary Loan from UIUC Library. Click on a title for more holdings information.

Title City County
1.  Alarm (Chicago, Ill. : 1884) Chicago, IL Cook
2.  Alarm (Chicago, Ill. : 1915) Chicago, IL Cook
3.  American workman (Springfield, Ill.) Springfield, IL Sangamon
4.  Arbejderen (Chicago, Ill.) Chicago, IL Cook
5.  Bloomington labor news Peoria, IL Peoria
6.  Bloomington-Normal labor news Peoria, IL Peoria
7.  Challenge (Chicago, Ill.) Chicago, IL Cook
8.  Chicago agitator Chicago, IL Cook
9.  Chicago Catholic worker Chicago, IL Cook
10.  Chicago daily star Chicago, IL Cook
11.  Chicago federalist (Chicago, Ill.) Chicago, IL Cook
12.  Chicago federationist Chicago, IL Cook
13.  Chicago labor news Chicago, IL Cook
14.  Daily labor bulletin (Chicago, Ill.) Chicago, IL Cook
15.  Daily labor bulletin (Decatur, Ill.) Decatur, IL Macon
16.  Daily labor world Chicago, IL Cook
17.  Decatur labor world Decatur, IL Macon
18.  Decatur weekly news (Decatur, Ill.) Decatur, IL Macon
19.  Defense news bulletin Chicago, IL Cook
20.  Delavec (Chicago, Ill.) Chicago, IL Cook
21.  Egyptian labor journal Centralia, IL Marion
22.  Farmer labor voice Chicago, IL Cook
23.  Fox Valley labor record Joliet, IL Will
24.  Galesburg labor news Galesburg, IL Knox
25.  Grand prairie union news Bloomington, IL McLean
26.  Great prairie union news Bloomington, IL McLean
27.  Grundy County labor news Joliet, IL Will
28.  Harbor labor sentinel East Chicago, IN Lake
29.  Illinois labor press East St. Louis, IL Saint Clair
30.  Illinois labor tribune East St. Louis, IL Saint Clair
31.  Illinois miner (Springfield, Ill. : 1921) Springfield, IL Sangamon
32.  Illinois miner (Springfield, Ill. : 1931) Springfield, IL Sangamon
33.  Illinois standard Chicago, IL Cook
34.  Illinois tradesman Springfield, IL Sangamon
35.  Illinois Valley tradesman Marseilles, IL La Salle
36.  Industrial solidarity (Chicago, Ill.) Chicago, IL Cook
37.  Kewanee labor herald Kewanee, IL Henry
38.  Knights of Labor Chicago, IL Cook
39.  Labor (Peoria, Ill.) Peoria, IL Peoria
40.  Labor advocate (Quincy, Ill.) Quincy, IL Adams
41.  Labor bulletin (Decatur, Ill.) Decatur, IL Macon
42.  Labor news (Joliet, Ill. : 1949) Joliet, IL Will
43.  Labor news (Joliet, Ill.) Joliet, IL Will
44.  Labor news (Peoria, Ill. : 1956) Peoria, IL Peoria
45.  Labor news (Peoria, Ill. : 1973) Peoria, IL Peoria
46.  Labor news (Rockford, Ill.) Rockford, IL Winnebago
47.  Labor news review (East Saint Louis, Ill.) East St. Louis, IL Saint Clair
48.  Labor paper (Peoria, Ill.) Peoria, IL Peoria
49.  Labor temple news Peoria, IL Peoria
50.  Labor world (Alton, Ill.) Alton, IL Madison
51.  Lake County labor news Waukegan, IL Lake
52.  LaSalle County labor news Joliet, IL Will
53.  Liberator (Chicago, Ill. : 1905) Chicago, IL Cook
54.  Livingston & McLean Counties union news Bloomington, IL McLean
55.  McLean County union news Bloomington, IL McLean
56.  National news (Chicago, Ill.) Chicago, IL Cook
57.  New age (Chicago, Ill.) Chicago, IL Cook
58.  New solidarity (Chicago, Ill.) Chicago, IL Cook
59.  New world (Chicago, Ill. : 1921) Chicago, IL Cook
60.  Northern LaSalle County labor news Joliet, IL Will
61.  People's press (Chicago, Ill. : National ed.) Chicago, IL Cook
62.  Peoria labor news (Peoria, Ill. : 1956) Peoria, IL Peoria
63.  Peoria labor news (Peoria, Ill. : 1976) Peoria, IL Peoria
64.  Pioneer (Chicago, Ill.) Chicago, IL Cook
65.  Progressive age (Chicago, Ill.) Chicago, IL Cook
66.  Quincy record (Quincy, Ill : 1939) Quincy, IL Adams
67.  Record (Chicago, Ill.) Chicago, IL Cook
68.  Rockford labor news Rockford, IL Winnebago
69.  Rockford trade unionist Joliet, IL Winnebago
70.  Rockford UAW-CIO advocator Rockford, IL Winnebago
71.  Solidarity (Chicago, Ill.) Chicago, IL Cook
72.  Solidarity (New Castle, Pa.) New Castle, PA Lawrence
73.  Southern Illinois labor tribune (East Saint Louis, Ill. : 1954) East St. Louis, IL Saint Clair
74.  Southern Illinois labor tribune (East Saint Louis, Ill. : 1966) East St. Louis, IL Saint Clair
75.  Strike bulletin (Clinton, Ill.) Clinton, IL De Witt
76.  Tri-city labor review (Rock Island, Ill.) Rock Island, IL Rock Island
77.  Twin City review Champaign, IL Champaign
78.  Vermilion County star Danville, IL Vermilion

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