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The following titles have been cataloged as African American Newspapers. All film is available via Interlibrary Loan from UIUC Library. Click on a title for more holdings information.

Title City County
1.  20th century freedom's journal Chicago, IL Cook
2.  Abbott's weekly and illustrated news Chicago, IL Cook
3.  African-American voice (Decatur, Ill. : Decatur ed.) Decatur, IL Macon
4.  Appeal (Saint Paul, Minn.) Saint Paul, MN Ramsey
5.  Austin voice Chicago, IL Cook
6.  Austin weekly news Chicago, IL Cook
7.  Bags & baggage Chicago, IL Cook
8.  Black economy, U.S.A. Chicago, IL Cook
9.  Black rapper Peoria, IL Peoria
10.  Black thought (Champaign, Ill.) Champaign, IL Champaign
11.  Black truth Chicago, IL Cook
12.  Black x-press Chicago, IL Cook
13.  Broad ax (Salt Lake City, Utah : 1895) Salt Lake City, UT Salt Lake
14.  Bulletin (Chicago, Ill.) Chicago, IL Cook
15.  CCC news (Evanston, Ill.) Evanston, IL Cook
16.  CCC newsette Evanston, IL Cook
17.  Central South Sider Chicago, IL Cook
18.  Champaign & Vermilion County herald Champaign, IL Champaign
19.  Champaign County voice Champaign, IL Champaign
20.  Chatham citizen Chicago, IL Cook
21.  Chicago communicator newspaper Chicago, IL Cook
22.  Chicago courier (Chicago, Ill. : 1932) Chicago, IL Cook
23.  Chicago courier (Chicago, Ill. : 1963) Chicago, IL Cook
24.  Chicago crusader Chicago, IL Cook
25.  Chicago daily defender (Chicago, Ill. : Daily) Chicago, IL Cook
26.  Chicago daily defender (Chicago, Ill. : Weekly) Chicago, IL Cook
27.  Chicago defender (Chicago, Ill. : 1906) Chicago, IL Cook
28.  Chicago defender (Chicago, Ill. : Daily) Chicago, IL Cook
29.  Chicago defender (Chicago, Ill. : Weekly) Chicago, IL Cook
30.  Chicago Illinois idea Chicago, IL Cook
31.  Chicago independent bulletin Chicago, IL Cook
32.  Chicago journal (Chicago, Ill. : 1976) Chicago, IL Cook
33.  Chicago metro news Chicago, IL Cook
34.  Chicago observer (Chicago, Ill. : 1982) Chicago, IL Cook
35.  Chicago press (Chicago, Ill. : 1945) Chicago, IL Cook
36.  Chicago reflector Chicago, IL Cook
37.  Chicago shoreland Chicago, IL Cook
38.  Chicago shoreland news Chicago, IL Cook
39.  Chicago standard news Chicago Heights, IL Cook
40.  Chicago weekend Chicago, IL Cook
41.  Chicago whip Chicago, IL Cook
42.  Chicago world (Chicago, Ill. : 1900) Chicago, IL Cook
43.  Chicago world (Chicago, Ill. : 1918) Chicago, IL Cook
44.  Chicago-south suburban news Harvey, IL Cook
45.  Common bond East Moline, IL Rock Island
46.  Concerned citizens commitment news report Evanston, IL Cook
47.  Conservator (Chicago, Ill.) Chicago, IL Cook
48.  Conservator-globe Springfield, IL Sangamon
49.  Crusader (Chicago, Ill. : 1945) Chicago, IL Cook
50.  Crusader (East Saint Louis, Ill.) East St. Louis, IL Saint Clair
51.  Crusader (Rockford, Ill.) Rockford, IL Winnebago
52.  Daily defender Chicago, IL Cook
53.  Decatur spot-light Decatur, IL Macon
54.  Eagle (Robbins, Ill.) Robbins, IL Cook
55.  East central Illinois voice Champaign, IL Champaign
56.  East St. Louis monitor (East Saint Louis, Ill. : 1963) East St. Louis, IL Saint Clair
57.  East St. Louis monitor (East Saint Louis, Ill. : 1983) East St. Louis, IL Saint Clair
58.  Echo (Maywood, Ill.) Maywood, IL Cook
59.  Echo-reporter Maywood, IL Cook
60.  Englewood bulletin Chicago, IL Cook
61.  Evanston informer Evanston, IL Cook
62.  Evanston newsette Evanston, IL Cook
63.  Evanston sentinel Evanston, IL Cook
64.  Forum (Springfield, Ill.) Springfield, IL Sangamon
65.  Gazette (Robbins, Ill.) Robbins, IL Cook
66.  Grey stone guardian Galesburg, IL Knox
67.  Illinois chronicle (Springfield, Ill.) Springfield, IL Sangamon
68.  Illinois conservator (Springfield, Ill. : 1933) Springfield, IL Sangamon
69.  Illinois informer (Quincy, Ill.) Quincy, IL Adams
70.  Illinois political news Chicago, IL Cook
71.  Illinois record (Springfield, Ill.) Springfield, IL Sangamon
72.  Illinois sentinel Chicago, IL Cook
73.  Illinois State informer Springfield, IL Sangamon
74.  Illinois times (Champaign, Ill.) Champaign, IL Champaign
75.  Impressions (Joliet, Ill.) Chicago, IL Cook
76.  Independent bulletin (Chicago, Ill.) Chicago, IL Cook
77.  Lawndale drum Chicago, IL Cook
78.  Lincoln sentinel (Chicago, Ill.) Chicago, IL Cook
79.  Maywood echo-reporter Maywood, IL Cook
80.  Messenger (Springfield, Ill. : Weekly) Springfield, IL Sangamon
81.  Metropolis gazette Metropolis, IL Massac
82.  Metropolis weekly gazette Metropolis, IL Massac
83.  Metropolitan news (Chicago, Ill.) Chicago, IL Cook
84.  Metropolitan post (Chicago, Ill. : 1938) Chicago, IL Cook
85.  Mid south street journal Chicago, IL Cook
86.  Mid-West observer (Rockford, Ill.) Rockford, IL Winnebago
87.  Mile square courier Chicago, IL Cook
88.  Minority entrepreneur Chicago, IL Cook
89.  Monitor (East Saint Louis, Ill.) East St. Louis, IL Saint Clair
90.  Negro Democrat (Springfield, Ill.) Springfield, IL Sangamon
91.  Negro spearhead Chicago, IL Cook
92.  New crusader (Chicago, Ill.) Chicago, IL Cook
93.  News letter of the Woodlawn Organization Chicago, IL Cook
94.  News-clarion (Chicago, Ill.) Chicago, IL Cook
95.  Newsette (Evanston, Ill.) Evanston, IL Cook
96.  North Shore examiner Evanston, IL Cook
97.  Olivet Baptist Church herald Chicago, IL Cook
98.  Owl (Chicago, Ill.) Chicago, IL Cook
99.  Pembroke herald eagle Hopkins Park, IL Kankakee
100.  Peoples voice (Chicago, Ill.) Chicago, IL Cook
101.  Progressive era (Kankakee, Ill.) Kankakee, IL Kankakee
102.  Pure-news, USA Springfield, IL Sangamon
103.  Reminder Chicago, IL Cook
104.  Robbins central news Robbins, IL Cook
105.  Robbins eagle Robbins, IL Cook
106.  Robbins herald Robbins, IL Cook
107.  Robbins informer Robbins, IL Cook
108.  Robbins journal South Holland, IL Cook
109.  Robbins star Robbins, IL Cook
110.  Robbins suburban herald Robbins, IL Cook
111.  Second ward news (Chicago, Ill. : 1935) Chicago, IL Cook
112.  Second ward times (Chicago, Ill. : 1938) Chicago, IL Cook
113.  South end citizen Chicago, IL Cook
114.  South Side bulletin Chicago, IL Cook
115.  South street journal (Chicago, Ill.) Chicago, IL Cook
116.  South suburban citizen Harvey, IL Cook
117.  South suburban news Chicago, IL Cook
118.  South suburban standard Chicago Heights, IL Cook
119.  Southeast independent bulletin Chicago, IL Cook
120.  Southeast sun (Chicago, Ill.) Chicago, IL Cook
121.  Southwest citizen (Chicago, Ill.) Chicago, IL Cook
122.  Spectrum (Champaign, Ill.) Champaign, IL Champaign
123.  Spirit of black Springfield Springfield, IL Sangamon
124.  Spokesman (Chicago, Ill. : 1933) Chicago, IL Cook
125.  Spotlight (Decatur, Ill.) Decatur, IL Macon
126.  Spotlight (East Saint Louis, Ill.) East St. Louis, IL Saint Clair
127.  Springfield's voice Springfield, IL Sangamon
128.  State capital (Springfield, Ill.) Springfield, IL Sangamon
129.  Suburban eagle Robbins, IL Cook
130.  Suburban echo-reporter Maywood, IL Cook
131.  Suburban standard. Chicago Heights, IL Cook
132.  Suburban star (Robbins, Ill.) Robbins, IL Cook
133.  Sunday Chicago bee Chicago, IL Cook
134.  T.W.O. news Chicago, IL Cook
135.  Today's African American chronicle Chicago, IL Cook
136.  Traveler weekly Peoria, IL Peoria
137.  Tri-city journal (Chicago Heights, Ill.) Chicago Heights, IL Cook
138.  United Front news Cairo, IL Alexander
139.  Village peep-le/newsletter Robbins, IL Cook
140.  Voice (Chicago, Ill. : 1940) Chicago, IL Cook
141.  Voice of the Black community (Bloomington, Ill.) Bloomington, IL McLean
142.  Voice of the black community (Champaign, Ill.) Champaign, IL Champaign
143.  Voice of the Black community (Decatur, Ill.) Decatur, IL Macon
144.  Voice of the Black community (Springfield, Ill.) Springfield, IL Sangamon
145.  Voice of the first congressional district Chicago, IL Cook
146.  Voice of the second ward Chicago, IL Cook
147.  Weekend Chicago defender Chicago, IL Cook
148.  West Side torch (Chicago, Ill. : 1965) Chicago, IL Cook
149.  West Side torch (Chicago, Ill. : Lawndale ed.) Chicago, IL Cook
150.  West street journal (Chicago, Ill. : Youth ed.) Chicago, IL Cook
151.  West street journal. Chicago, IL Cook
152.  Windy City word Chicago, IL Cook
153.  Woodlawn booster Chicago, IL Cook
154.  Woodlawn booster and bulletin Chicago, IL Cook
155.  Woodlawn observer Chicago, IL Cook

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