CAPT Search, Discovery, and Deliver Working Group

  • This group is responsible for cross-collection, web-scale discovery, currently provided by the locally-developed Easy Search system.
  • This group is also responsible for consulting with the Repositories, Preservation, and Access group on the design and user services aspects of various access systems such as Contentdm, Veridian, etc., especially in regard to how to optimize the discoverability of content in those
  • This group, working with the Cataloging and Metadata group, will be responsible for representing the Library and working with CARLI on the Voyager replacement.
  • This group is responsible for end-user documentation, publicity, and outreach related to Library search, discovery, and access systems.
  • Working with the Staff Development & Training Committee (SDTC), it is also responsible for training Library staff in the use of these systems.
  • Working with the Web group, this group is also responsible for the usability and accessibility of various search, discovery, and delivery systems, including support for mobile devices.

Affinity Groups: Cataloging and MetadataElectronic ResourcesRepositories, Preservation, and Access
Replaces: Discovery and Delivery Study Team (DDST), Integrated System Coordinating Committee (ISCC)
Responsible Library Units: No single unit in the Library has primary responsibility in this domain.


  • The work group is responsible for the Library’s search and discovery services, especially those services which cross multiple domains, formats, access systems, or vendor products.
  • This includes policies, procedures, and documentation to optimize discovery and delivery of library content for use by the UIUC community and partners.
  • This also includes selecting, implementing, and managing discovery and delivery systems, and quality assurance practices.

Membership Details

Initially chaired by the Information Systems Research & Development Librarian. Initial rotation after two years. [10 members]

CAPT Search, Discovery, and Deliver Working Group Reports to:

Content Access Policy & Technology (CAPT)