CAPT Catalog and Metadata Working Group


This group, working with the Search, Discovery, and Delivery group, will be responsible for representing the Library and working with CARLI on the integrated library system use and management.

  • Affinity Groups: All groups with the possible exception of the Web group
  • Replaces: Cataloging Work Group
  • Responsible Library Units: Acquisitions and Cataloging Services


  • The work group is responsible for sustainable policies, procedures, technical systems, and staffing to maintain the Library’s Online Public Access Catalog and similar systems and finding aids used to provide access to the Library’s physical and digital collections.
  • The group ensures conformance to state, national, and international standards.
  • This group also documents and promulgates cataloging, classification, authority control, and holdings policies and principles to all staff charged with maintaining Library records.

Membership Details

Initially chaired by the head of Content Access Management (CAM). Initial rotation after two years. The chair of this work group may be reappointed beyond two years due to their position as the head of the Content Access Management unit. [11 members]


  • Michael Norman(ex officio - Discovery Services Librarian and ILS Coordinator)
    [Also: Search, Discovery, and Delivery]
  • MJ Han, Chair(Oct 2017 - No End Of Term Date Available)
    Head of Acquisitions and Cataloging Services
  • Krista Gray(Oct 2017 - No End Of Term Date Available)
    Archival Operations and Reference Specialist
  • Jenny Marie Johnson(Oct 2017 - No End Of Term Date Available)
    Head of Map Library
  • Chloe Ottenhoff(Oct 2017 - No End Of Term Date Available)
    Rare Book and Manuscript Cataloging Coordinator
  • George Gottschalk(Sep 2020 - No End Of Term Date Available)
    Director of Acquisitions
  • Jenny Maddox-Abbott(Sep 2020 - No End Of Term Date Available)
    Collection Management Librarian
  • Willy Kries, Vice-Chair(Sep 2020 - No End Of Term Date Available)
    E-Resources Cataloging Specialist
  • Stephanie Luke(Apr 2022 - No End Of Term Date Available)

CAPT Catalog and Metadata Working Group Reports to:

Previous Members

  • Patricia Lampron(Sep 2020 - Aug 2022)
    Metadata Services Specialist
  • Alisha Taylor(Mar 2018 - Aug 2022) Served Two Consecutive Terms
    Monograph and Media Cataloging Coordinator
  • Ayla Stein(Oct 2017 - Apr 2018)
    Metadata Librarian [Also: Repositories, Preservation, and Access]
  • Nicole Ream-Sotomayor(Oct 2017 - Sep 2019)
    Foreign Language Cataloging Coordinator
  • Lynn Wiley(Oct 2017 - Dec 2018)
    Head of Acquisitions [Also: Electronic Resources]
  • Mary Laskowski(Oct 2017 - Sep 2020)
    Head of Collection Management Services
  • Tim Cole(Oct 2017 - Aug 2021) Served Two Consecutive Terms
    Mathematics and Digital Content Access Librarian