Task Force for Research Support


Date Approved by EC: 2020-05-26

The task force is a second iteration of the previously charged “Task Force for Establishing a Library Pre-Tenure Track Program” (Dec 2019 – Jun 2020). With feedback received on initial ideas, this iteration will continue to develop recommendations for establishing and expanding a support program to help candidates establish a research and publication record commensurate with success in the Library’s tenure system. While our scope will continue to include the potential for new position types, our approach will be more expansive in addressing known challenges. Initial topics identified include: research time, learning opportunities, practical experience, and access to expertise. Ultimately, the task force will put forward a set of recommendations that outline a “support program.”

Task force members are charged with identifying program objectives, outlining program components and logistics, framing a timeline and set of milestones for implementation, and finally, establishing criteria by which a research and tenure support program’s effectiveness will be evaluated. We will again consult the faculty for broader feedback prior to submitting recommendations to EC for consideration.

The time commitment for task force members includes monthly meetings for discussion with assigned interstitial work for researching, writing, commenting, and revision of documents. The duration of the Task Force is June 2020 – Dec 2020.


Faculty Meeting Slides – April 2020 (link to file “PTTPWG_2020-04-07.pptx”)

Research Challenges Report – July 2019 (link file “Research Challenges Report V1.2 July 2019”)

Task Force for Research Final Report