Strategic Communications and Marketing Committee


The Strategic Communications and Marketing Committee serves as an advisory body to the Chief Communications Officer (CCO). Its members work to promote the awareness of the Library among the various user groups within its academic community and to gain greater recognition for the Library’s services, initiatives, and innovations with a broader external audience. The Committee develops expertise and ideas to assist the various components of the library in marketing products and services, and connects with library staff doing communications work throughout the Library to determine appropriate and relevant messages and materials.

The Committee is charged with the following responsibilities:

  • Undertakes activities that will establish a clear and positive image of the libraries in the university community and beyond.
  • Undertakes activities that increase awareness in the university community of the scope of the Library’s services.
  • Builds an internal marketing culture within the Library.
  • Serves as a resource for branding new resources and services offered.
  • Provides advice and contributes to the planning, development, and production of promotional products, events and activities for the library with other library groups and departments on an ongoing basis, including working with campus Public Affairs.
  • Identify and develop the broad messages and themes to use in marketing to various constituencies of the Library, including current and prospective donors.
  • Provides a framework to ensure consistency in the Library’s communications concerning public relations and marketing.
  • Performs a regular evaluation of the Library’s image and public perception.

Members: The Chief Communications Officer, Associate University Librarian for User Services, Assistant Dean of Libraries for Advancement, Visual Resources and Outreach Specialist, and the User Experience and Web Strategies Coordinator will serve as ex-officio members. The Committee will also include at least three additional members at-large. Members at-large serve two-year staggered terms.

Typically, there is a two consecutive term limit.

Reports to: The Committee reports to the University Librarian, and its reports and recommendations are shared with Library Executive Committee.

Additional Committee Information

Marketing Grant Recipients


Project Name/Description
Request Amount of
Cherie’ Weible
Janelle Sander
Central Access Services
A Guide to Community Members’ Access to Collections Bookmark Handouts $200.00 FY24
Rachel Miller-Haughton
Preservation Services
Preservation Emporium CU-MTD Advertising, Yard Signs, and Flyers $500.00 FY24
Sandi Caldrone
Research Data Service
Data Notes Booklet Booklet $448.93 FY24
Celenia Graves
Sarah Christensen
Mara Thacker
Alex McHattie
David Ward
María Emerson
Janis Shearer
Emilee Mathews
Robert Geraci
Chris Bailey
Grainger Engineering Library Information Center
The World’s Largest Puzzle Project Print and Radio Ads
$300 FY24
Joe Lenkart
Olga Makarova
International and Area Studies Library
Fostering Belonging and Inclusion in REEE Studies Facebook Ads
LinkedIn Ads
Tote Bags
$500 FY24
Rebecca Stover
Celestina Savonius-Wroth
History, Philosophy, and Newspaper Library
Bookmarks Bookmarks $95.23 FY24
Janis Shearer
Funk ACES Library
Library Passport Event & Activities Highlighter Pens $500 FY24
Sarah Christensen
DoMonique Arnold
María Emerson
Teaching Learning and Academic Support
University High School Library
Small Press Fest Posters
$500 FY24
Sanga Sung
Teaching Learning and Academic Support
Government Information Services
Constitution Day Promotion
Stickers $168 FY24
Kirstin Johnson
Music & Performing Arts Library
MPAL branded pencils Pencils $394.08 FY23
Peg Burnette
Carle Illinois Virtual Library
Enhance and Expand Visibility of CIVL and Awareness of Specialized Resources Grad Hourly to Create Videos $494.80 FY22
Paula Carns
Literatures and Languages Library
Bookmarks Bookmarks $226.18 Fall 2021
Janis Shearer
Funk ACES Library
Funk Library’s 20th Anniversary Tote Bags $500 Fall 2021
Dan Tracy
Scholarly Communication and Publishing
IOPN Trifold Brochure Brochures $533 Fall 2021
Kate Lambaria
Kirstin Johnson
Music and Performing Arts Library
Player Piano Postcards Postcards $488 Spring 2021
Emilee Mathews
Ricker Library of Architecture and Art
Increasing the Audience Reach for Decentering the Canon in the Architecture Library Online Ads (Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture and Facebook) $442.50 Spring 2021
David Ward
Simone Stone
Laura Poulosky
Jessie Maimone
Undergraduate Library
Bring Your Own Book Club Plus Daily Illini Ad
Bus Ads
$500 Spring 2021
Claire Weibel
Krista Gray
The Illinois History and Lincoln Collections
Collecting COVID-19 Stories in Illinois Facebook Advertising $500 Fall 2020
Sara Benson
Scholarly Communication and Publishing
Open Education Week Celebration with Professor Jasmine Roberts Digital Flyer $500 Fall 2019
Jenny Maddox Abbott
Collection Management Services – Oak Street
Oak Street Library informational handout Informational Flyer $500 Fall 2019
Yali Feng
Social Sciences, Health, and Education Library
Library Resources for You Design
Cloth Poster
$447.30 Spring 2019
Kirstin Johnson
Music and Performing Arts Library
MPAL 75th Anniversary Ear Buds Cases
$490.84 Spring 2019
Becky Smith
Business Information Services
Marketing to Gies Faculty Design
$500 Spring 2019
Paula Carns
Literatures and Languages Library
New Fiction of the Bus Bus Ads $500 Fall 2018
Allison Kilberg
Illinois History and Lincoln Collections
IHLC and HPNL Abraham Lincoln Birthday Party Digital Signs
$321.49 Fall 2018
Kelli Trei
Funk ACES Library
Biodiversity Heritage Library and Biodiversity Panel Faculty Outreach Graphic Design $439 Fall 2018
Mark Zulauf
Scholarly Communications and Publishing
(Researcher Information Systems)
Expanding Awareness of Illinois Experts Postcards $274.67 Fall 2018
Sara Benson
Janet Swatscheno
Scholarly Communication & Publishing
Re-Mix It Competition Posters $224 Spring 2018
Paula Carns
Literatures and Languages Library
Bookmarks Bookmarks $313.75 Spring 2018
Sarah Christensen
Research and Information Services
READ Posters Posters
Print Ads
Digital Signs
$500 Spring 2018
David Ward
Undergraduate Library
Booking in the UGL Bookmarks
$481.30 Spring 2018
Kristen Allen
Chris Prom
University Archives
Illinois Distributed Museum (IDM) Print Ads
Business Cards
Social Media
$465 Fall 2017
JaEun (Jemma) Ku
Library IT
Have You Heard About A11yFirst Editor,
University of Illinois Innovation Project?
 Tote Bags $450 Fall 2017
Kate Lambaria
Kirstin Dougan
Music and Performing Arts Library
Browsing at MPAL Bookmarks
Graphic Design
$492.42 Fall 2017
Katie Lucas
Krista Gray
Illinois History and Lincoln Collections
Lecture on Illinois History
for the Bicentennial
Digital Signs
$314.55 Fall 2017
Mara Thacker
Ali Krogman
Sara Benson
Susan Braxton
International and Area Studies Library, Funk (ACES) Library, Scholarly Communications and Publishing, Grainger Engineering Library, Undergraduate Library
Librarian Superhero Trading Cards Trading Cards $487.34 Fall 2017
Dan Tracy
Digital Humanities
DH Marketing Materials Bookmarks
$304.44 Fall 2017
Miriam Centeno
Joanne Miller
Preservation/CAS Patron Bookmarks Bookmarks $500 Spring 2017
Anna Trammell
Student Life and Culture Archives
Student Life and Culture Archives Brochures and
Digital Sign Advertising
$390 Spring 2017
Sara Benson
Scholarly Communications and Publishing Unit
Fair Use Week Postcards and Poster $425.48 Fall 2016
Kelsey Cheshire
JJ Pionke
Peg Burnette
Social Sciences, Health, and Education Library
SSHEL Promotional Materials Promotional Items:
Brain Stress Relievers
and Magnets
$499.50 Fall 2016
Melanie Emerson
Ricker Library of Architecture and Art
100 Year Anniversary Tote Bags $500 Fall 2016
Jenny Johnson
Map Library
Tabletop Display Tabletop Display
and Hooks
$116.40 Fall 2016
Steve Witt
Antonio Sotomayor
International and Area Studies Library
International and Area Studies
Identity Icon
Graphic Design Services $500 Fall 2016
Sarah Bial
Kristen Blankenship
Central Access Services
@ILLINOISstacks Twitter
Promotional Materials
Buttons and
$259.97 Spring 2016
Scott Schwartz
Sousa Archives and Center for American Music
American Music Month 2016 –
Klaxons, Screamers & Rolling Thunder:
The Unconventional Henry Fillmore
Bus Ads $500 Spring 2016
Linda Stahnke Stepp
Jameatris Rimkus
University Archives
Speaker Series Flyers $250 Spring 2016
Kelli Trei
Mary Schlembach
Funk (ACES) Library and Chemistry Library
LAS Interdisciplinary Science
Bookmarks, Rack
Cards, and Posters
$500 Spring 2016
Clara Chu
Lindy Wheatley
Mortenson Center for International Library Programs
Mortenson Center 25th Anniversary –
Achievements and Impact Brochure
Brochures $500 Fall 2015
Alissa Marcum
Kristen Blankenship
Cherie Weible
Central Access Services
Uncover and Discover
How We Can Get That!
Postcards $202.99 Fall 2015
Zoe Revell
Beth Woodard
Jessica LeCrone
Staff Development and Training
GREAT Customer Service Lanyards and
Travel Coffee Mugs
$478.50 Fall 2015
Miriam Centeno
Geoffrey Ross
Crystal Sheu
Handling Historical Print Newspapers Brochures $420.37 Spring 2015
Becky Smith
Business Information Services
Uncover & Discover:
Business Information Services
Promotional Items
(Eyeglass Cleaning Cloths)
$478.50 Spring 2015
Rebecca Bryant
Scholarly Commons
Illinois Research Connections Rack Cards $433.82 Fall 2014
Steve Witt
Antonio Sotomayor
International and Area Studies Library
Google Adwords Pilot 3-4 Ad Groups $500 Fall 2014
Cara Bertram
University Archives – American Library Association Archives
ALA Archives Brochures Brochures $249.39 Spring 2014
Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe
Tom Teper
Library Administration
Read All About It!
Discover the New York Times Online
Postcards $500 Spring 2014
Ellen Swain
Student Life and Culture Archives 
Town-Gown Speaker Series Bookmarks
$490 Spring 2014
Kirk Hess
History, Philosophy, and Newspaper Library
Illinois Digital Newspaper Project Ad Space
Contest Prizes
$443 Fall 2013
Lucy Moynihan
Nicole Helregel
Funk ACES Library
Promotion of Funk ACES Library Banner
$446 Fall 2013
Sue Searing
Merinda Hensley
Library Administration and RRSS
Digital Signage for the Student Digital Sign Design $500 Fall 2013
Dennis Sears
Rare Book & Manuscript Library
Gwendolyn Brooks Celebration Program Printing $500 Fall 2013
Sandy Wolf
Library and Information Science Virtual Library
New and Prospective Student Brochure Brochure Printing $205 Fall 2013
Scott Schwartz
Sousa Archives and Center for American Music 
Champaign Music Festival Sponsorship Sponsorship Fee $500 Spring 2013
Merinda Hensley/Jacob Nash
Scholarly Commons
Promotion of the Usability Lab Brochure $388.02 Fall 2012
Lori Mestre/Eric Kurt
Undergraduate Library
The Media Commons
is available for you to uncover and
discover how digital media can work
for you
Brochure $375 Fall 2012
Kirstin Dougan
Music and Performing Arts Library
Krannert Center for the Performing Arts
MPAL LibGuides Marketing
KCPA Kiosk Signs
Inside Illinois ads
$416 Spring 2012
Jenny Emanuel/Sue Searing
CAPT/Web Scale Discovery Working Group
Primo Implementation Brochure $500 Spring 2012
Mary Laskowski/Jennifer Maddox Abbott
Information Processing & Management
New E-Reserve System Flyers $430 Fall 2011
Mary Mallory
Government Information Services
Advisory Committee (GISAC)
Government Information Wallet Cards Tri-fold wallet cards $500 Fall 2011
Nancy O’Brien/Beth Sheehan
Social Sciences, Health, and Education
Coming out of the SSHEL Flyers
$300 Fall 2011
Carissa Phillips
Scholarly Commons/Data Services
Promotion for Data Consultation
Hours and Services
One Inside Illinois ad
One Daily Illini ad
$392.75 Fall 2011
Lisa Romero
Communications Library
International Satellite TV
News Lounge
Postcards $372.71 Fall 2011
Marten Stromberg/Valerie Hotchkiss/
Chatham Ewing
The Rare Book & Manuscript Library
CU Folk & Roots Festival
One Daily Illini ad
$300 Fall 2011
Jennifer Hain Teper
Conservation Unit
Promotion of Preservation Emporium WILL announcements $500 Fall 2011
Paula Carns
Literature and Languages Library
Promoting the Literature and
Languages Library
Bookmarks $250 Spring 2011
Adriana Cuervo
Sousa Archives and
Center for American Music
Advertising Campaign in
Local Tourism Brochures
Two print map ads
One brochure ad
$415 Spring 2011
Karen Hogenboom
Reference, Research and
Government Services
2011 Data Purchase Program Two Inside Illinois ads
One Daily Illini ad
$322.25 Spring 2011
Joe Lenkart
Slavic Reference Service
Uncover and Discover – Area Studies
Resources at the University Library
Combination of ads,
brochures and flyers
$500 Spring 2011
Bill Maher
University Archives
Sweetcorn Festival – One Community
Together Stage – Connecting the
University Archives to the Community
Church fan giveaways $440 Spring 2011
Chatham Ewing/Dennis Sears
The Rare Book & Manuscript Library
Prayers for the People:
Carl Sandburg’s Poetry and Songs
C-U MTD advertising $500 Fall 2010
Jim Hahn
Undergraduate Library
Marketing Experimental Mobile Apps C-U MTD advertising/
YouTube video
$500 Fall 2010
Nancy O’Brien/Amy Killoran
Education and Social Science Library
Education and Social Science Library
(110th Anniversary Celebration)
Book bags $437.28 Fall 2010
Annie Peterson/Jennifer Hain Teper
Promoting Preservation for
Public Librarians and Private Collectors
Postcards $500 Fall 2010
Ilona Matkovszki/Dennis Roberts
University Archives
I Dig Loredo at the University Archives C-U MTD advertising/
$497 Spring 2010
Sue Searing
Library & Information Science
Library Services
Sixth Annual Edible Books Festival Flyers $350 Spring 2010
Joyce Wright
ACES Library (Agricultural
Communications Documentation Center)
Uncover and Discover in the
ACES Library
Bookmarks $500 Spring 2010
Adriana Cuervo
Sousa Archives and Center for
American Music
American Music Month Newspaper
Brochures/flash drives $500 Fall 2009
Jenny Emmanuel/Peggy Steele/
Robert Slater/Jim Hahn
Library Mobile Services Working Group
Illinois Library Mobile Signage/Moo cards/
Facebook ads/C-U MTD
bus ads
$423 Fall 2009
Lori Mestre
Undergraduate Library
Discover the Undergraduate Library
Visual identity $500 Fall 2009
Lynn Rudasill/Helen Sullivan
Global Studies Collections and
GIVES Promotion Newspaper ad $354 Fall 2009
Lynn Wiley/Peggy Glatthaar
Acquisitions in collaboration with
Central Circulation
Campus Mail Delivery or
Hold and Pick Up?
expandable transit
$495 Fall 2009
Mary Burkee
Central Access Services
Stacks Access Bags Reusable tote bags $498 Spring 2009
Adriana Cuervo/Noah Lenstra
Sousa Archives and Center for
American Music
Retractable Banner for SACAM-
sponsored Public Events
Retractable banner $500 Spring 2009
Karen Hogenboom/JoAnn Jacoby/
Merinda Hensley
Scholarly Commons
Marketing the Scholarly Commons Scalable graphics for
marketing materials
$500 Spring 2009
Valerie Hotchkiss/Dennis Sears
The Rare Book & Manuscript Library
Unit Brochure Brochure $500 Spring 2009
Jennifer Hain Teper
Conservation Unit
Preservation Emporium Event Publicity Radio ads $500 Spring 2009
 Fall 2008
Barbara Ford/Susan Schnuer
Mortenson Center for
International Library Programs
ILA Reporter Ad for Mortenson
Associate Host Visits
Advertisements $500 Fall 2008
Sue Searing
Library & Information Science
Library Services
Fourth Annual C-U Edible
Book Festival
Flyers $350 Fall 2008


$500 Marketing Recognition Award

Recipient(s)Project Name/DescriptionYear

Kirstin Dougan Krannert Center for the Performing Arts MPAL LibGuides Marketing 2013
Karen Hogenboom 2011 Data Purchase Program 2012
Chatham Ewing/Dennis Sears Prayers for the People: Carl Sandburg’s Poetry and Songs 2011
Jenny Emmanuel Illinois Library Mobile 2010
Sue Searing Fourth Annual C-U
Edible Books Festival