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What We Do

“Working behind the scenes for the betterment of information endeavors.”

Staff in the Technical Services Division (TSD) are responsible for acquiring, organizing, preserving, and providing access to materials in all formats for the library’s collections in support of the University of Illinois library’s mission to enhance the University’s activities in creating knowledge, preparing students for lives of impact, and addressing critical societal needs.

Technical Services Division

Member Units

Acquisitions & Cataloging Services

Acquisitions & Cataloging Services manages the work to acquire and pay for new material for the Library collections as well as performing cataloging, classification, and subject analysis of the library’s collections in all formats and languages. The Acquisitions team maintains all recurring resources with annual renewals, serial cancellations and activation checks. The Cataloging team leads the library’s efforts to keep the collections vital and up-to-date by providing best practices, training, and services for cataloging and metadata creation, as well as maintenance that ensures the discovery and access of the library collections.

Collection Management Services (CMS)

Collection Management Services – Oak Street Library (CMS-OSL) is responsible for a variety of services within the University Library, including the Gift program; the Last Copy program; departmental transfers to the Oak Street Library; the ingest, retrieval, and management of materials at the Oak Street Library; ILL Scanning at Oak Street; and the management of the Oak Street Library circulation desk. In addition, a growing part of the unit responsibilities is to provide services relating to large-scale collection management, whether they be transfers, retrospective cataloging projects, physical shifts of collections, or some combination of all three.

Preservation, Conservation, and Digitization Services

The Preservation Services Unit exists to provide long-term access to the physical and intellectual contents of the Library’s collections through conservation, preservation and digitization. These programs seek to provide this access with an eye toward maximizing the Library’s investment in collections, services, and staff while continually seeking to improve the services that we provide.


  • Stephanie Baker, Library Information Systems Specialist
  • Henry Borchers, Digitization Services and Preservation Services
  • Jamie Carlstone, E-Serials Bibliographic Control Specialist
  • Miriam Centeno, Collections Care Coordinator
  • Quinn Ferris, Senior Conservator
  • Jimmy Gonzalez, High Density Storage Facility Coordinator
  • George Gottschalk, Acquisitions Operations Specialist
  • Myung-Ja (MJ) Han, Metadata Librarian
  • Joshua Stuart Harris, Media Preservation Coordinator
  • Qiang Jin, Senior Cataloging Coordinator
  • William Kries, E-Resources Cataloging Specialist
  • Patricia Lampron, Metadata Services Specialist
  • Mary Laskowski, Head, Collection Management Services, Chair
  • Joshua Lynch, Visiting Metadata Services Specialist for DPLA
  • Jenny Maddox Abbott, Collection Management Librarian
  • Christopher Morgan, E-Resources & Acquisitions Support Specialist
  • Michael Norman, Discovery Services Librarian
  • Chloe Ottenhoff, Rare Book and Manuscript Cataloging Coordinator
  • Tracy Popp, Digital Preservation Coordinator
  • Nicole Ream-Sotomayor, Foreign Languages Cataloging Coordinator
  • Kyle Rimkus, Preservation Librarian
  • William Schlaack, Digital Reformatting Coordinator
  • Wendy Shelburne, Electronic Resources Librarian
  • Ayla Stein, Metadata Librarian
  • Alisha Taylor, Monographic & Media Cataloging Coordinator
  • Jennifer Teper, Head, Preservation Services
  • Marco Valladares Perez, Visiting Exhibits Conservator
  • Angela Waarala, Digital Collection Project Manager

Division Policies

Technical Services Bylaws: PDF

Agendas and Minutes