Specialized Faculty Task Force

Although a 2015 task force investigated what role “specialized faculty” (nontenure system) might play within the University Library, it has gone largely unimplemented. Nevertheless, in response to special administrative circumstances, individuals have been appointed to positions as specialized faculty, as the State Universities Civil Service System (SUCSS) has revised the criteria for administrative (Academic Professional) positions that can be exempted from the civil service system in 2018. However, the University Library bylaws and other documentation and processes do not currently meet campus requirements for inclusion of specialized faculty, including clear definitions, roles or expectations.

The Specialized Faculty Task Force is charged to do the preliminary work necessary for the University Library to be in compliance with campus standards and lay the groundwork for a subsequent broader discussion within the Library. The Specialized Faculty Task Force will work on identifying gaps in Library documentation regarding the function of Specialized Faculty, discussing and soliciting feedback from appropriate committees and investigating the need for any new documentation concerning these roles.

The duration of the Task Force is February 2023 – June 1, 2023.


  1. Review existing Campus and Library documentation regarding Specialized Faculty, such as:
    1. Current Statutes language on the definitions (Article II, Section 3 a) and rights (Article II Section 3 b and Article III Section 2 b) of tenure and non-tenure system faculty
    2. Communications 25 & 26
    3. Library Roles on Policies and Procedures page:
      1. Distinction Between Faculty, Academic Professional, and Staff Positions
      2. Distinctions in Expectations and Responsibilities between Senior Library Specialist, Library Operations Associate, Academic Professional, and Library Faculty Positions
    4. Relevant University of Illinois System Statutes or Bylaws
    5. Other relevant documents
  2. Review roles and responsibilities for the use of specialized faculty in the Library, and identify gaps or areas of work in Library documentation including but not limited to:
    1. Library Bylaws
    2. Promotion
    3. Nominations, Elections, and Voting Procedures
    4. Define the kinds of positions in the Library that would utilize “specialized” faculty


  1. Identify appropriate committees and/or groups to address these gaps.
  2. Identify steps including what additional group (or groups) to recommend the Executive Committee formally commissions.


Specialized Faculty Task Force Reports to:

Executive Committee