Marshall Gallery Task Force


The Marshall Gallery Task Force is charged with:

1) implementing short-term, non-permanent improvements to the space in time for fall 2022
semester. For short term adjustments, it is important for the group to confer as much as
possible with stakeholders, especially in units within the Main Library that may be affected, and
ensure adjustments do not interfere with other library operations.

2) making preliminary recommendations for longer-term changes in a report to be submitted
by December 15th, 2022. In developing this report, the group should investigate options for
updating the Marshall Gallery space to address the needs articulated in the bullets below, in
consultation with colleagues in the Main Library and other Library Units, with feedback from
Library users. The team should constitute and consult with an advisory group, and incorporate
other Library-wide feedback mechanisms. The group’s final report should include outcomes
which speak to the following:

  • Articulation of a vision and purpose for the space which is inclusive of the diversity of
    individuals who have participated in and contributed to University and Library history,
    as well as reflective of the rich cultures, backgrounds, and identities of individuals who
    are part of today’s campus and community;
  • Recommendations for how the space can contribute towards improved wayfinding for
    the Main Library building;
  • Articulation of a broad list of activities the space could support, which are in alignment
    with the vision for the space;
  • Identification of any environmental or logistical issues with the space which impair or
    could impair use, such as acoustics, temperature control, etc.
  • Recommendations for a longer-term management plan for the space, including
    identifying a unit or team to manage, book, and keep the space updated to meet day-to-
    day needs;
  • Finally, the task force should consider how strategic decisions about the space will be
    collaboratively designed and updated over subsequent years, to ensure that both the
    vision itself and its application remain relevant to the Library and campus life

Marshall Gallery Task Force Reports to:

Executive Committee