Library Council Implementation Team

This task force was created as recommended by the final report of the  Inclusion in Governance Task Force‘s and builds upon work initially started by that body.


The Library Council Implementation Team is charged with following up on recommendations from the Inclusion in Governance Task Force to form a new Library Council meant to replace and/or subsume the existing Administrative Council (AC). Per the report, the recommendations were as follows:

Charge a task force composed of Library Civil Service, Academic Professionals, and Faculty to draft a new AC. This task force will need to address the following specifics:

  • The current charge addresses AC’s advisory goal in “the promulgation and implementation of standards, regulations and procedures that relate to the general operating policies of the Library.”
  • Work with the Library Executive Committee to
    • Clarify areas of responsibility;
    • Reconcile the role of Divisions and Division Coordinators in AC;
    • Identify areas of potential overlap;
    • Consider procedures for meeting in joint session should doing so be occasionally advantageous to the University Library;
  • Explore innovative ways to solicit agenda items and continuous feedback to incorporate and deliberate on AC from Library employees.
  • Number and allocation of seats including the following classifications:
    • Library faculty;
    • Academic and Civil Service Professionals;
    • Civil Service employees.
    • Create a role for a graduate assistant representative.
  • Election process.
    • Term limits;
    • Restrictions on eligibility (visiting positions, rank or years of service, etc.);
  • Consider the role and make-up of Council officers;
  • Consider the role of ex-officio members.

The proposal which will address the logistics of implementing the new Library Council, will be submitted to the Library Executive Committee by Monday, July 18th for discussion at the Monday, July 25th EC meeting which will include representatives from the Library Staff Support Committee and the Committee of Academic and Civil Service Professionals.

The logistics will include recommendations for how to implement a vote, inclusive of all employment classifications and ranks within the library, on whether to approve the proposal for a Library Council. The logistics would also address how the results of the vote would be translated into instructions to relevant bylaws or other governing document revisions.  The goal is that the new Library Council be charged and active in the 2022-2023 Academic Year.


Library Council Implementation Team Reports to:

Executive Committee