CAPT Library Emerging and Integrated Technologies Coordination (LEITC)

Affinity GroupsWebSearch, Discovery, and Delivery
Replaces: None
Responsible Library Units: No single unit in the Library has primary responsibility in this domain


LEITC is accountable for:

  • Providing a cohesive strategy for advanced technology support in the Library;
  • Building on core technologies and leveraging campus and Library advanced technologies currently available and in development;
  • Aligning advanced technology support operations to improve user experience;
  • Facilitating advancement of shared campus and Library advanced technology initiatives;
  • Serving as the Library’s primary point of contact for campus initiatives to advanced technologies, including Data Science Initiative, NCSA and Cline Center for Democracy, and the Siebel Center for Design (SC4D);
  • Coordinating communication and engagement opportunities with Library faculty and staff, affiliates and related committees.


  • The Library Emerging and Integrated Technologies Committee (LEITC):
    • Meets an identified need in the Library for better coordination of advanced technologies;
    • Serves as primary contact point for the SC4D and other campus advanced technology initiatives;
    • Assists with the design and specification of advanced technology spaces and services;
    • Identifies and evaluates trends in emerging and advanced technology hardware and software;
    • Develops and maintains a technology expertise referral network in combination with existing Library and campus referral systems;
    • Focuses on coordinating Library advanced technology efforts: implements and/or improves request management processes, delivers a cohesive and usable service catalogue, and champions campus engagement practices.
    • Serves as a resource available for use as needed by research support teams charged with supporting and partnering with individual researchers and research groups in their research activities related to scholarship and its resulting output;
    • Coordinates communication to Library faculty and staff, affiliates and related committees, regarding LEIT Program service information and availability, events, training and engagement opportunities, etc.;
    • Coordinates outreach, promotion and social media presence related to Library advanced technology offerings;
    • Focuses on a concise web presence and strengthened consultation process, providing users a simple and efficient guide to what services are offered and available.
  • Partnerships
    • LEITC core contributing groups include Media Commons (MC), Scholarly Commons (SC), IDEA Lab, Library IT, and Scholarly Communications and Publishing (SCP)
    • LEITC liaison members include Research Information Services (RIS), Research Data Service (RDS), Media Preservation, Ideation/Prototyping, and the Library Director of Communications

Membership Details

Initially chaired by the lead of the Research Technologies Coordination Working Group. Initial rotation after 1-2 years. 8 members.

CAPT Library Emerging and Integrated Technologies Coordination (LEITC) Reports to:

Content Access Policy & Technology (CAPT)