Affinity Groups: All other groups, see the rules below.

Replaces: Web Advisory Work Group

Responsible Library Units: Library IT Production Services -> Web Team


The work group is responsible for sustainable policies, procedures, technical systems, and staffing to maintain the Library’s web sites, including Library home page, and the CMS.

This includes assisting with the development and maintenance of unit and other specialized webpages for the Library.

The group ensures that Library web pages are usable, accessible, and meet the information seeking needs of the intended users.


  • The Web Group should be consulted with respect to any actions or decisions by other groups that could have an impact on the Library’s web sites.
  • The Web Group is responsible for any internal web services or APIs upon which the Library’s web sites may depend. They may work with other units in the Library in designing, developing,and maintaining these services, but they will act as the service owners.
  • This group is responsible for the accessibility of the Library’s web pages, ensuring that applicable accessibility regulations and best practices are followed.
  • This group is also responsible for ensuring that Library web pages are usable across a broad spectrum of devices and platforms; support for mobile and hand-held devices should be a priority. This group should be consulted prior to any unit within the Library engaging the services of a web design contractor or consultant from outside the Library.
  • While not necessarily the service owners, the Web group provides technical and administrative support for systems such as Omeka, LibGuides, and similar CMS-like systems which provide access to Library information and resources and which benefit from a similar look and feel to other Library web assets.
  • The Web Group is advised by the Web Content Sub-group which is chaired by the User Experience Librarian, Suzanne Chapman.
  • The members of the Web Content Sub-group are drawn from faculty, academic professionals, and staff members serving in non-technical service units and are appointed by the Web Group chair. They will serve a one-year term with unlimited renewals at the discretion of the Web Group chair and subject to the individual member’s interest.
  • The Web Content Sub-group helps formulate and recommend policies and services related to the management of web content, reviews content strategies, and assists in implementing specified content analysis, migration, and development tasks.

Membership Details

Initially chaired by the lead for the Web Team. Initial rotation after one year. The chair of this work group may be reappointed beyond two years due to their position as the leader of the Library’s Web Team. [9 members]


  • Sarah Christensen(Aug 2022 - Aug 2024)
    Visual Resources and Outreach Specialist
  • Amy Fry(Apr 2022 - Apr 2024)
    Electronic Resources Management Librarian
  • Jenny Johnson(Jun 2020 - Aug 2024) Second Consecutive Term
    Head, Map Library
  • John Laskowski, Chair(Mar 2018 - Aug 2022)
    User Experience and Web Strategy Coordinator
  • Heather Murphy(Mar 2018 - Aug 2022)
    Chief Communications Officer {Also: LEITC work group}
  • Michal Norman(Apr 2021 - Aug 2022)
    Discovery Services Librarian ILS Coordinator
  • Megean Osuchowski(Oct 2018 - Aug 2023)
    Help Desk Coordinator
  • Helen Zhou(Feb 2020 - Aug 2023)
    Electronic Access Specialist
  • Kristen Zidon(Apr 2022 - Apr 2024)
    Library Specialist

Previous Members

  • Laila Hussein Moustafa(Jun 2020 - Aug 2022)
    Middle East and North African Studies Librarian
  • William Weathers(Aug 2018 - Oct 2020)
    Web Developer & User Interface Specialist
  • Piper Martin(Apr 2018 - Apr 2020)
    Reference Services & Instruction Librarian {Also: Electronic Resources work group}
  • Lynne Rudasill(Apr 2018 - Apr 2020)
    Global Studies Librarian
  • Lisa Hinchliffe(Apr 2018 - Apr 2022)
    Coordinator, Information Literacy Services and Instruction {Also: Search, Discovery, and Delivery work group}}
  • Kate Lambaria(Apr 2018 - Apr 2022)
    Visiting Music & Performing Arts Librarian
  • Bill Mischo(Mar 2018 - Aug 2021)
    Head, Grainger Engineering Library {Also, chair, Search, Discovery, and Delivery work group, LEITC work group}
  • Chris Prom, Chair(Aug 2017 - Feb 2018)
    Assistant University Archivist and Leader of Web Team
  • Jim Hahn(Aug 2017 - Feb 2018)
    Orientation Services and Environments Librarian and Lead of Prototyping Team
  • Jay Heldreth(Aug 2017 - Feb 2018)
    Access and Mobile Services Research Programmer [Also: Search, Discovery, and Delivery]
  • William Weathers(Aug 2017 - Feb 2018)
    Web Developer and User Interface Specialist
  • Helen Zhou(Aug 2017 - Feb 2018)
    Electronic Access Specialist
  • Robert Slater(Aug 2017 - Jul 2018)
    Technical Architect for Web Content
  • Jemma Ku(Aug 2017 - Oct 2020)
    Internet Applications Systems Specialist