CAPT Electronic Resources

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Replaces: None

Responsible Library Units: Acquisitions -> Electronic Resources


The work group is responsible for sustainable policies, procedures, metadata management, and support for technical systems to manage and provide access to licensed and purchased electronic resources, such as electronic journals, e-books, and databases. This group additionally works with users and vendors in troubleshooting access issues and is responsible for gathering statistics.


  • Acquisition decisions are out of scope, but providing usage and other statistics to assist with these decisions is in scope for the group.
  • This group will also assist with the public services issues related to e-resources, such as instructing patrons in the discovery and use of these resources.

Membership Details

In matters related to e-resources, this group represents and coordinates the actions of Acquisitions, Cataloging, Collections, and Information Technology. Initial rotation after one year. The chair of this work group may be reappointed beyond two years due to their position as the Electronic Resources Librarian [8 members]

CAPT Electronic Resources Reports to:

Content Access Policy & Technology (CAPT)