Residency Program Implementation Group



  • Meeting existing or emerging professional staffing needs in the Library is the primary goal of the program, and providing early career opportunities is a strong secondary goal, with diverse candidates receiving preference.
  • The positions will be Visiting Faculty and searches will be run following our existing process.
  • A cohort structure will be used, with Residents following the same hiring schedule as much as possible.


Beginning with the report and recommendations submitted by the University Library Residency Program Working Group and supporting documents received through the approval process, the steering committee is charged with finalizing the framework, implementing the residency program, and providing guidance as the program develops. Working under the guidance of the program administrator, the committee will:

  • Work with Library BHRSC to create necessary template language for use in each position description concerning the Resident portion of the appointment;
  • Create a template timeline for the training portion of the Residency (group lunches, webinars/guest speakers, unit tours, etc.);
  • Document search-specific procedures and recruitment techniques for subsequent Resident search committees regarding recruiting and hiring diverse candidates;*
  • Create training materials for Library mentors in mentoring diverse candidates, including list of responsibilities;*
  • Recruit and train Library mentors;
  • Create appropriate checklists or other materials for Residents and those supervising them, similar to new hire information;
  • Create and administer program assessment measures, working with the Assessment Librarian;
  • Oversee the Residency program and carry out the regular scheduling and of program components;
  • Communicate with Library Administration and the Library as a whole regarding program development and activities.

*Mark Puente at ARL may be a possible resource for this work.

The desired date for start of first cohort was Fall of 2017, so the committee completed its first phase of planning work by December 31, 2016 and submitted the first position(s) for the Spring 2017 hiring plan. Additional work on training and program materials will continue as needed.

Membership Details

Membership will consist of a chair, a representative from Human Resources (ex officio), the Information Sciences and Digital Humanities Librarian (ex officio), and a minimum of three members from the faculty at large.

Typically, there is a two consecutive term limit.


  • Sara Holder, Chair(Aug 2017 - Aug 2020)
  • Clara Chu(Aug 2017 - Aug 2020)
  • Merinda Hensley(Aug 2018 - Aug 2020)
  • Cindy Ingold(Aug 2016 - Aug 2020)
  • Ellen Swain(Aug 2018 - Aug 2020)
  • Sarah Williams(Aug 2017 - Aug 2020)
  • Donna Hoffman(ex officio - Representative from HR)
  • Dan Tracy(ex officio - Information Sciences)

Additional Committee Information

Charge revised October 2017

Previous Members

  • Ali Krogman(Aug 2016 - Aug 2019)
  • Tom Teper(Aug 2016 - Aug 2019)
  • Beth Woodard, Chair(Aug 2016 - Aug 2017)