Academic Professional Peer Review Promotion Advisory Committee


The Academic Professional Peer Review Promotion Advisory Committee (APPRPAC) reviews applications for promotion submitted by Academic Professionals annually and provides their recommendations to the University Librarian.  The committee also establishes the initial rank of new Academic Professionals in the Library. More information about the Academic Professional (AP) Promotion program, including eligibility and timelines, is available at the AP Promotion Process page.  This committee works closely with Library Human Resources (including the Organization Development & Training Coordinator), which provides administrative oversight of the promotion program.

Membership Details

The Academic Professional (AP) Peer Review Promotion Advisory Committee comprises three Library APs elected at-large by Library APs, and two AULs and/or Directors appointed by the University Librarian.  Committee members serve 3-year, staggered terms.

Only Library APs in Senior Associate or Senior ranks are eligible for election and will have the option of removing their name from the ballot before each election.  All permanent Library APs are eligible to vote.  Visiting APs are not eligible to vote for committee members or serve on the committee.

The committee reviews applications submitted by Academic Professionals for promotion annually and provides their recommendations to the University Librarian.

All committee members will follow practices that ensure notes, evaluations, correspondence, and conversations are kept confidential.  Committee members will strive at all times to be fair, professional, and unbiased in assessments.  APs who are currently serving on the committee are not eligible to submit applications for promotion.


  • Tracy Tolliver, Co-Chair(Apr 2019 - Apr 2025) Second Consecutive Term
  • Sara Holder(Aug 2020 - Apr 2024) Second Consecutive Term
  • Tom Teper, Co-Chair(Aug 2020 - Apr 2026) Second Consecutive Term
  • Cara Bertram(Apr 2021 - Apr 2024)
  • Jen-chien Yu(Apr 2023 - Apr 2026)

Additional Committee Information

Note: This committee was preceded by the Academic Professional Promotion Implementation Team (also known as APPIT) and the Task Force to Create a Promotional Path for Academic Professionals in the University Library. Both of these committees have been retired.

Information about the AP promotional process itself is available at:


Previous Members

  • John Laskowski(Aug 2020 - Apr 2023)
  • Thomas Habing(Nov 2018 - Mar 2019)
  • Heidi Imker, Co-Chair(Nov 2018 - Jul 2020)
  • Cherie' Weible, Co-Chair(Nov 2018 - Aug 2020)
  • Jen-chien Yu(Nov 2018 - Aug 2020)
  • Heather Murphy(Nov 2018 - Apr 2021)