Wellness Committee


The Library Employee Wellness Committee seeks to foster a culture of physical and mental well-being and empowerment for our employees that supports healthy lifestyles and personal growth.
Through collaboration and discussion, the committee strives to:

  • Increase awareness of the various facets of emotional, physical, and community wellness by sharing information about current research and available campus/community health resources
  • Develop and/or coordinate programming and resources that inspire and empower employees to engage in healthy activities and habits
  • Identify outreach opportunities that enables the Library to support well-being in our community (example: blood drives)
  • Promote connections to help employees build a supportive network to achieve their wellness goals

Membership Details

This committee has 7 members.  Membership is open to individuals across all employment classifications, including faculty, academic professionals, and civil service employees.

Additional Committee Information

The Wellness Committee began as an offshoot subcommittee of the Staff Development and Training Advisory Commitee (now the Organization Development and Training Advisory Committee) and existed for many years as an informal group.  In September, 2020, the Executive Committee approved a proposal to formalize it into an official committee, the Wellness Comittee, with the first volunteer cycle beginning in Spring 2021.  The COVID-19 pandemic brought a spotlight to the role that wellness committees can hold within departments for supporting employees with resources and programming, as well as furthering a sense of community and belonging among colleagues.

By formalizing the Wellness Committee, the committee can now participate in the annual call for volunteers so that employees interested in these topics can have an avenue to seek committee membership.  In addition, those serving on the committee can more easily be recognized for their service and contributions.