Organization Development and Training Advisory Committee

Note: The Organization Development & Training Committee was formerly known as the Staff Development & Training Committee.  Committee name & charge update approved by Executive Committee 1/6/2020.


The Committee is chaired by the Organization Development and Training Coordinator.  Committee members are appointed by the University Librarian, with the advice of the Executive Committee.  The Committee normally will be composed of nine members serving two-year staggered terms.

Typically, there is a two consecutive term limit.

Staff Development & Training Website


To be a catalyst for scholarship and innovation at the University of Illinois in a constantly changing environment, the University Library workforce needs access to training, development, and enrichment opportunities that promote continuous learning and self-development.

The Organization Development and Training Advisory Committee comprises inclusive membership across Library units, areas of responsibility and employee classifications/ranks to help develop a broad understanding of training and career development needs across the Library.

Through collaboration and discussion, the committee strives to

  • identify and promote training and development opportunities of value to Library employees
  • prioritize common or shared training needs that could be more effectively addressed at the organization level
  • provide recommendations about strategies, policies, and technologies that enable workplace learning to be more effective, widely available, and accessible to all Library employees
  • support a consistent and systematic approach to training, including planning, implementation, and evaluation

The committee ultimately seeks to promote a culture of learning and empowerment that helps all Library employees succeed.