Grievance Committee

To insure the right of a faculty member to initiate a formal grievance concerning actions or policies of the unit or the actions of another individual(s).

The Committee shall:

  1. Address complaints concerning actions and policies of the Library, its officers, committees, or faculty.
  2. Consider appeals of personnel decisions in the following areas: salary, reappointment, and promotion and tenure.
  3. Consider appeals relating to administrative decisions.
  4. Report its findings in written form to the grievant and to the respondents and
  5. Advise the University Librarian of its recommendations.


The Library Faculty Appeals and Grievance Committee shall be a Standing Committee elected by the Faculty consisting of five members of the faculty of the rank of Associate Professor and above who serve a two-year term. No individual who has an appointment as University Librarian or Associate University Librarian may serve on the Committee.