Faculty Meeting Agenda Committee

Agenda Committee

  • The Agenda Committee decides what agenda items will be placed on the agenda for any given faculty meeting.
  • The Faculty Secretary, an EC Designee, an At-Large Designee not on EC, and an AP, will be the sole members of the Agenda Committee with the Faculty Secretary being the Chair of the committee. The At-Large Designee of the Agenda Committee will be determined by an annual vote of the Faculty and will hold a one year term.

Agenda Items

  • Some agenda items will be considered Standing Items. These items include: Introduction of New Librarians, University Librarian Report and Discussion, Executive Committee Discussion, Other Discussion.
  • From time to time, items may appear on the agenda for a period of time and then be removed. Such items will be called Ad Hoc Items. For example, the Lightning Presentations is a current standing agenda item that provides quick opportunities (~3 min)to introduce faculty members to work being done either inside or outside the Library that may be relevant to or provide a lead into broader discussion-based items.
  • The Agenda Committee should solicit Other Discussion agenda items from faculty members (via email) 10 days prior to each faculty meeting to be included in the Other Discussion section of the agenda. Faculty are welcome to submit agenda items at any time to a designated Agenda Committee person.
  • Agenda items should be discussion-based or action-based. (i.e. Items should be about discussions on issues for which decisions have not been made, or for which actions are required to be taken, either based on the outcomes of discussions or on standard parliamentary procedures.)
  • Pertinent background information about a discussion-based agenda item should be provided to faculty (via electronic links) at least five days prior to the faculty meeting at which the item is to be discussed.


  • Faculty are expected to review pertinent background information for agenda items in advance of faculty meetings.
  • The University Librarian is expected to provide a report at each faculty meeting and leave time for questions and discussion.
  • The Executive Committee is expected to select one to two pertinent discussion-based agenda items for each faculty meeting and facilitate discussion around those items.
  • The Agenda Committee is expected to provide one to two pertinent discussion-based agenda items for each faculty meeting based on items submitted to and vetted by the committee by faculty members.
  • Faculty presenting agenda items are expected to play the role of facilitator for those items, making certain all faculty interested in commenting have an opportunity to do so during the allotted time.

Meeting Details

For a copy of the meeting Agendas and Minutes, please see the Library Faculty Meeting page found here.