Budget Group


The Budget Group is responsible for reviewing and recommending to the Dean for
approval in the following areas:

  • hiring requests for Civil Service positions,
  • funding requests for civil service audit (pre or post audit),
  • funding requests for non–permanent hourly positions wages*
  • yearly budget requests for Graduate Assistant (GA) positions,
  • yearly budget requests for summer graduate hourly positions, and
  • yearly budget requests for non-permanent hourly wages (formerly known as the
    student budget).

*Units that have available funding such as grant, endowment, or income dollars, do not have to
submit requests.

Funds may be approved to individuals/units upon the Dean’s discretion outside of this review

Approximate timeline for yearly requests

  • Graduate Assistant (GA) call for requests in Nov/Dec for a review in Jan/Feb
  • Wage budget (including summer graduate hourly positions) call for requests in
    Jan/Feb for a review in March/April
  • Civil Service hiring request – rolling submission year round
  • Civil Service audit funding request – rolling submission year round
  • Hourly/temporary position funding requests – rolling submission year round

Membership Details

Group Composition – the Dean, the AULs/Directors, the Executive Committee’s Vice Chair, a
member of the Administrative Council (identified by that body) and the Assistant Dean of
Business and Human Resources (serving as chair).

Meeting Details

Meeting Schedule – Monthly or as needed