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oclc no. 30836906
Alternative title:
Published in: Elk Grove Village, IL (Cook  County)
Language: English
Years Published: 1973 - 1977
Record Set Name: Daily herald (Arlington Heights, Ill. : Elk Grove Village ed.)
Notes: Former frequency: Daily (except Saturday and Sunday), Apr. 2, 1973-Jan. 27, 1975.
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Format: Digital facsimiles
Holdings: 1975:3:18-7:11.
Notes: Holdings not verified. Collation based on vendor supplied data.
Complete? Possibly incomplete.
Issues Held:  Possibly incomplete.

bulletAbraham Lincoln Presidential Library
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Note: Shelved with Elk Grove Village titles.
Format: Microfilm service copy
Holdings: <1973:4:2-1977:9:9>