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oclc no. 12346009
Alternative title: Weekly transcript
Published in: Peoria, IL (Peoria  County)
Years Published: 185u - 1uuu
Record Set Name: Journal star (Peoria, Ill.)
Notes: Latest issue consulted: Dec. 26, 1895.
Where we found this title:

bulletAbraham Lincoln Presidential Library
Format: Microfilm master copy
Holdings: Some issues are missing. <1857:10:13-1859:12:22> <1863:7:9-12:31> <1866:1:4-1873:12:25> <1876:1:6-1877:12:27> <1879:1:2-1880:12:23> <1882:1:5-1890:12:25> <1892:1:7-1893:12:28> <1895:1:3-12:26>

bulletAbraham Lincoln Presidential Library
Issue for Apr. 8, 1859 on reel: M-72B; issue Apr. 18, 1867 on reel: M-26A.
Format: Microfilm service copy
Holdings: Some issues are missing. <1857:10:13-1859:12:22> <1863:7:9-1873:12:25> <1876:1:6-1877:12:27> <1879:1:2-1880:12:23> <1882:1:5-1890:12:25> <1892:1:7-1893:12:28> <1895:1:3-12:26>

bulletBradley University-Peoria Historical Society
Shelved in Special Collections.
Format: Original print
Holdings: <1878:6:6>

bulletPeoria Public Library
Holdings: Some issues are missing. <1857:10:13-1895:12:26>

bulletUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Format: Microfilm master copy
Holdings: <1865:1:5-6:29>

bulletUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Format: Microfilm service copy
Holdings: <1865:1:5-6:29>

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