Click on the folder to download PDF and Editable Word Document files of all of the documents you’ll need to conduct a SILL training:

1. Getting Started Guide: Begin here! This contains background information about the training and provides tips for the facilitators on how to prepare for and conduct the training, including a list of materials needed and how to setup the room.

2. Training Handbook: This provides detailed information for the trainers on how to conduct each training module. It includes instructions on how to facilitate each activity and talking points for the lectures

3. Module Outlines: These are shorter guides for the trainers with information on how to conduct the training for each module. Your trainers can choose to use the handbook or the outlines, depending on their preference.

4. Schedule: The schedule provides estimated times for the SILL lectures and activities. Trainers are encouraged to add breaks and lunch when it works best.

5. PowerPoint SlidesThe PowerPoint provides information and talking points for trainers in the “notes” section. The slides are also numbered in the lower right-hand corner and are referred to throughout the trainer handbook and module outlines.

6. Supplemental MaterialsThe “Materials List” in the “Getting Started with SILL” guide provides information about materials you will need to print for the training. They are all located in this packet. It also contains a schedule for the training.

7. Participant WorkbookEvery participant will need a workbook, which includes all of the handouts they must complete during the training.

Adapting and Sharing the Training Materials


All of the SILL materials have been placed under the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA License. This means that you can customize, change, and translate the materials to better fit your community and culture. If you change the materials, please keep them under the same Creative Commons License. It is forbidden to sell the materials, but you may distribute them for free in print or online. More information on this license can be found here: