Many of the SILL materials were translated into different languages for pilot training sessions. However, at the moment these materials are not comprehensive, and some lectures and activities might differ slightly from the final training program. You are free to translate any of the final SILL training materials yourself by downloading the Microsoft Word documents on our “Training Materials” page.

Download the French Materials

The training was translated into French by FOKAL Haiti in February 2016.

Download the Participant Workbook in Burmese

The workbook was translated into Burmese by the Myanmar Book Aid and Preservation Foundation (MBAF) in March, 2016.

Download the Participant Workbook and PowerPoint in Armenian

The workbook and PowerPoint were translated into Armenian by the Armenian Library Association in October 2016.

Download the Participant Workbook in Spanish

The Participant Workbook was translated into Spanish by Clara Chu, Mortenson Center Director, with assistance from the Universidad National de Costa Rica and the Universidad de Costa Rica.