Development Method

SILL was developed by the Mortenson Center for International Library Programs in partnership with library training providers around the world. The unique development method involved several rounds of pilot tests, input from library training providers, and revisions based on that input.

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Pilot Test Sites

SILL was pilot tested in Namibia, Myanmar, Armenia, India, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Haiti, Tunisia, and at the 2017 AfLIA conference in Cameroon.

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These training materials were designed and written/adapted by Susan Schnuer, with invaluable assistance from Rebecca McGuire.

Colleagues from across the world provided valuable input as well, including those at the Mortenson Center and the University of Illinois (USA), The Namibian Ministry of Education, Arts, and Culture, The Myanmar Book Aid and Preservation Foundation, The Armenian Library Association, FOKAL Haiti, READ India, READ Nepal, READ Bhutan, The British Council in Bangladesh, and African Library & Information Associations & Institutions (AfLIA).

The training was also developed with valuable contributions from our evaluator, Rebecca Teasdale (USA).

The SILL Project was supported by the Global Libraries initiative of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.