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Building Project Update

Section diagram of Main Library

Dean John Wilkin’s plans for a major reconceptualization of Library space continue to progress, with several major components in place this spring.

The vision—to establish a collections-centered research hub for the humanities and social sciences, and to provide a home for special collections in what is now the Undergraduate Library—has
seen these developments:

  • Ongoing salons to discuss the project with graduate students and library personnel.
  • Approved selection of two firms to develop programming and conceptual designs: Chicago-based Johnson Lasky Kindelin ( JLK) Architects and brightspot strategy. JLK specializes in historic preservation and renovation of existing buildings, while brightspot partners with universities and colleges to strategically manage spaces and operations.
  • Formation of a campus-wide Library Consultation Working Group to review, discuss, and propose changes to both the Main and Undergraduate libraries. Organized by the Office of the Provost, Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research, and the Dean of the University Library, the committee comprises 14 regular members and three ex officio participants representing a broad spectrum of disciplines. Those areas include architecture, business, chemistry, classics, dance, English, geology, history, information science, microbiology, and recreation, sport and tourism. The group will conclude its work by September.

“I’m excited to see the momentum behind the project, and particularly the way the University has embraced it as a major priority,” Wilkin said.

Future issues of Friendscript will continue to provide information on the Building Project’s progress. Meanwhile, the latest renovation news is always available at the Building Project website at

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