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The following items are needed to enhance collections throughout the University Library. You can purchase one or more items by selecting the “Make a Gift” button. Please specify the specific item(s) under “Special Instructions” when you make your gift online. Or you can call 217-333-5682 to make your gift.

New tables for public computer workstations for the Music and Performing Arts Library

NEW! While the technology at the Music and Performing Arts Library has continued to evolve, its furniture remains somewhat archaic. These funds would help create flexible space for patrons as they write papers, scan scores, or watch DVDs at the library’s computers and scanners.

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Metadata improvement in Special Collections for the Music and Performing Arts Library

NEW! The Music and Performing Arts Library wants to boost cataloguing efforts of items in these collections to better assist researchers and librarians, and augment their usability.

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Personnel to digitize Special Collections items for the Music and Performing Arts Library

NEW! Extra assistance is needed to digitize unique score and text holdings (as allowed by copyright), which can then be included in the Library’s Digital Collections platform for use by scholars worldwide.

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Personnel to access digitization needs for MPAL's Special Collections

NEW! These funds would allow the Music and Performing Arts Library to hire personnel to identify unique score and text holdings that have not yet been digitized so that the library may eventually do so.

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Tōkyō kangyō hakurankai jimu hōkoku jōkan [Tokyo Industrial Exposition Report, Vol. 1] for the Ricker Library of Architecture and Art

NEW! This is an extremely scarce governmental report on the 1907 Tokyo Industrial Exposition. Replete with maps and plans for everything from architecture to engineering to pavilion elevations, the 331-page volume is richly illustrated with black-and-white reproductions of exposition photographs as well as more than two dozen folding plates. Exposition organizers hoped to display a modern, industrial Japan, with the event featuring a Ferris Wheel, foreign products, and 35,000 light bulbs. This item is sought by the Ricker Library of Architecture and Art.

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Personnel to inventory Special Collections in the Music and Performing Arts Library

NEW! Personnel is needed to take a look at these 150,000+ items—including some of MPAL’s oldest, rarest, and/or unique pieces—to ensure they are on the shelf and appropriately represented in the online catalog.

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The World, on Mercator’s Projection [US Railroads, Gold Rush] for the Map Library

NEW! Who was interested in prospecting for gold? The whole world, apparently, as this map spotlights how to get to California (appropriately colored in yellow) from anywhere on the globe—including Antarctica. Printed in 1850, this rare map of sea routes contains perhaps an even rarer inset: the proposed pathway of a transcontinental railroad from St. Louis to San Francisco. The Gold Rush map was created by the renowned David H. Burr, who left the study of law to pursue a career as a surveyor, topographer, and cartographer. Help the Map Library strike it rich with the purchase of this unusual item.

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Megalithic Software for the Ricker Library of Architecture and Art

NEW! Part I: England (1975) ; Part II: Europe and the Near East (1982) ; Part III: The orient Sec. A Japan (1988). These three volumes comprise a complete set of the noted physicist author’s detailed analysis of ancient megalithic stone circles, city plans, and cathedrals at sites around the world and is illustrated throughout with tipped-in maps, diagrams, photographs, illustrations, and mathematical tables. A little known and under-appreciated contribution to contemporary understandings of ancient pagan mathematics and cybernetics, Megalithic Software remains institutionally scarce, with only a handful of institutions recordings copies of all three volumes in their online catalogs. This acquisition allows the Ricker Library of Architecture and Art to strengthen its holdings which document connections between art and science—showing that creativity and curiosity can be fostered throughout disciplines.

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Profit Sharing Investment Bond for the Woman’s Land Syndicate, 1893 for the Illinois History and Lincoln Collections

NEW! This is a documentation of an unusual real-estate venture run entirely by women. Established in 1892 by Rose A. Emmons, a leader in the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union, the enterprise gathered female investors from around the country, who plunked $500,000 into South Waukegan lots, where temperance principles and green space reigned supreme. Though the business ultimately failed because of broader economic factors, the syndicate drew attention to such uncommon projects. This item would augment 19th century Illinois printed ephemera held by the Illinois History and Lincoln Collections.

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Buenos Aires : Vision Fotográfica for the Ricker Library of Architecture and Art

NEW! This photographic book containing brief texts prefacing plates showing views of the city and its inhabitants, indexed with captions. On the occasion of the fourth centenary of its founding, the Municipality of Buenos Aires commissioned Horacio Coppola to produce a photographic documentation of the city’s urban environment. The resulting work is considered by many to be one of the most important Latin American photobooks of the 20th century. Coppola completed the assignment in collaboration with his wife Grete (née Stern). The couple had originally met as students at the Bauhaus, and upon moving to his native Argentina, they effectively imported the lessons of the European modernist photography to Latin America. The present work is scarce in any condition. This acquisition allows the Ricker Library of Architecture and Art to strengthen its holdings in both Latin America and photobooks, while also bringing a work that has architectural as well as artistic value.

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Miras—nasledie, Tatarstan—Krym: gorod Bolgar i izuchenie tatarskoi kul’tury v Tatarstane i Krymu v 1923-1929 godakh for the International and Area Studies Library

NEW! This is a long-awaited three-volume publication exploring how Tatar identity evolved in the early Soviet Union. Viewed through the prism of a little-known archaeological expedition in the 1920s to the medieval Turkic city of Bolghar and other Tatar sites, the set was finally published nearly a century later. This work would complement the International and Area Studies Library’s collection on Eastern Europe and Eurasia archaeology, making it only the second library in the U.S. to own it.

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World at One View (Phelps, 1847) for the Map Library

This double-hemisphere map emphasizes the transcontinental railway in the United States and the connection across the Pacific Ocean from Oregon to China. The map is illustrated with depictions of “female costumes” and stereotypic vignettes of vegetation and structures throughout the world.

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Concept of Deterrence (Andrew Shallo, 1961) for the Map Library

Published between the attempted Bay of Pigs invasion and the beginning of the construction of the Berlin Wall, a time that the Cold War was heating up. Published in newspaper, at this time no separately cataloged copy appears in OCLC.

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The Mississippi-Missouri (Sedgwick, Pradt, 1868) for the Map Library

This manuscript map was drawn as part of correspondence between two geographical educators in the mid-19th century as an illustration for their debate about what the principal drainage network of the United States should be called – Missouri or Mississippi. The map is accompanied by letters and part of a draft article. This map complements our holdings of maps showing the upper Mississippi River Valley and will be scanned and made available for use via the Library’s Digital Library website.

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Large-format Scanner for the Scholarly Commons

This large-format scanner is for sizable items such as posters and maps. Georeferencing data thus retrieved could then be used in GIS (geographic information systems) software.

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Rotating Exhibit(s) for the Library Exhibitions Committee

Sponsor a rotating exhibit within the Marshall Gallery and the north-south corridor of the Main Library highlighting the Library’s rich and vast collections for one month. Support would cover printing for cases, as well as supply refurbishment in order to ensure that exhibitors can continue to have the preservation-grade materials on hand to safely display collections materials. Interested Library Friends may support exhibits programming for one month…or several!

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Classic Video Game Magazines and Related Periodicals for the Undergraduate Library

As part of its vintage gaming archive, these materials will help augment our collection of vintage games, and serve as core sources for campus researchers investigating historical aspects of this important pop culture phenomenon. The Library has identified the following titles as being of interest to local researchers:

  • Electronic Gaming Monthly 1989-
  • EGM 1994-1999
  • GamePro 1989-2011
  • Game Informer 1991-
  • Nintendo Power 1988-
  • GAMES Magazine 1977-1990; 1991-
  • The Space Gamer 1975-
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Communications Library Stress Free Finals Week Fund for the Communications Library

Gifts to this fund support student-related library activities that reduce Finals Week stress. The Communications Library is a very popular place during Finals Week and a great place to help them when their stress is greatest. The Library provides healthy snacks and a sympathetic ear for an environment that really makes a difference.

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Communications Library Tech Fund for the Communications Library

Gifts to this fund help the Communications Library provide much-needed technology support for students. Library users own cell phones, laptops, music players, and more that require regular charging and security. This Fund enables the purchase of equipment like charging stations, cables, and secure lockers that make students’ lives easier.

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Communications Library PR/Promotion Internship for the Communications Library

This paid internship is for an undergraduate student to put their public relations classroom skills to use while promoting the Communications Library. The student manages this library’s Twitter and Facebook accounts, creates content for digital signage, and creates handouts and brochures for New Student Week events and library tours in an effort to help students learn about the Communications Library.

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“Don Balon” for the International and Area Studies Library

Don Balón was a prominent sport magazine published in Chile during the 1990s. Originally published in Spain, the magazine currently has online editions throughout Latin America and has become a hallmark of Ibero-American soccer. The Library is interested in acquiring a collection of 477 issues from its founding in 1992 to 2000. This time period is particularly important for Chile as it covers their re-democratization process after August Pinochet’s dictatorship. No other sport magazine existed in Chile during this entire period, making Don Balón a unique source to study Chilean soccer. The acquisition of Don Balón would be the first Chilean sport magazine in a growing and unique Latin American and Caribbean Sport Collection.

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Charging Station/Locker for the Communications Library

To purchase a secure charging station/locker to revitalize devices carried by tech-savvy users. While current students are positively aglow with electric possibility, they do need a boost now and then. “Our students are immersed in the greatest flood of information any generation has ever experienced,” says Head Librarian Lisa Romero, who adds that the library and its staff are “all about service. We try to keep up with all our students’ needs. Every student has mobile devices and laptops that need to be recharged. Making it easier for students to rely on technology is one way the library can contribute to the student experience. The charging station/locker enables us to meet a very real need.”

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Digitizing “The Alumni Quarterly and Fortnightly News” for the University Archives

The Alumni Quarterly and Fortnightly News was the earliest means of communication of the University of Illinois Alumni Association. Since 1907—long before the Archives was formally established in 1963—the publication has recorded campus and alumni news, very nearly from the start of the university. Called an “amazing resource” by Archivist Ellen Swain, the news vehicle—presently known as Illinois Alumni magazine—has morphed through various iterations and provides close, historical coverage found in few other sources. Funding would go toward hiring of personnel to digitize materials and, eventually, software to search across all issues.

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Transfer and Digitize Photographs for the University Archives

To transfer and digitize thousands of hard-copy photographs painstakingly accumulated by the University of Illinois Alumni Association communications department in its 100+ years of coverage of campus, students, and alumni. Containing items not previously seen by Library staff, the collection will find a new home in the Archives, where it will be scanned and tagged for use by students, researchers, and the public. Funding would support additional personnel to digitize materials, create records, and organize metadata.

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